Time: Starts on Tuesday 1 December 2020. This is the last nonstop group for the year 2020. Enrollments will be processed approximately one week before next start.
Place: online studies
Extent: 5 ECTS cr
Target group: All students interested in this subject
Lecturer: Ms Mari Sarjanen

Credited in degree: Bachelor of Health Care and Social Services, Physiotherapy
Enrolment by: 24.11.2020, if you want to enroll for the course which starts on 3 Novemeber 2020
Price: Free of charge

Please notice, that Xamk degree students cannot enrol on OUAS courses.

Learning outcomes:

The goals of the course are to learn

– basic knowledge of brain function
– understand cognitive function and various neuropsychological symptoms
– neuropsychological symptoms assosiated with the most common neurological diseases, for example stroke, multiple schlerosis and Parkinson disease
– brain health aspects


The course studies the structure and the function of the brain and what cognitive function means. The course studies neuropsychological symptoms and what neuropschological symptoms are assosiated with the most common neurological diseases. You will also learn how to keep brain healthy and active. The course material includes presentations, slides and internet material.

Assessment: passed/failed

Transcript of records will be delivered by request

 – in paper form for those who have their home address in Finland
 – by email in PDF form for those who have their home address in some other country.

This course is based on the curricula of Xamk's degree programmes and the Finnish credits are fully compatible with the ECTS.

Additional information on enrolment:

Open University of Applied Sciences office, email openstudies@xamk.fi.

Terms of cancellation: 
If you are not able to participate in the course, please let us know as soon as possible by email openstudies@xamk.fi. 

You'll receive an invitation by email to this course approximately one week before the course starts.

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