Time: 23 August 2021 – 31 July 2022
Campus: The 1st year of studies are carried out as daytime studies online. The  2nd year of studies  – if you get a place as a degree student – take place at Xamk's Mikkeli campus, Finland. The 3rd and 4th study years are online.
Extent: 60 ECTS credits

The students need to be fluent in English and have basic computer and Internet skills.

Credited in degree: Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Enrolment period: 4th – 10th of August 2021, the enrolment is binding. The enrolment form will open 4th of August at 9 am Finnish time here.
Price: The 1st semester, Autumn 2021, is free of charge. The 2nd semester Spring 2022 costs EUR 175. Rest of the studies as a degree student cost 9 700 euros / academic year for students outside EU/EEA/Switzerland. If you can indicate the citizenship of EU/EEA/Switzerland, the studies are free of charge. More info is available here.
Number of study places: 5

Please noticethat
Xamk's degree students cannot enrol Open UAS courses.


  • Ability to study at university level
  • Fluent English language skills both in writing and in speaking
  • Appropriate device for studies, see BYOD below (mobile is not enough)
  • High motivation and time management skills
  • responsibility for own studies

This training is carried out as daytime online studies (1st, 3rd and 4th academic year) and partly through onsite studies (2nd year is on Xamk’s campus in Finland). Online studies are teacher-led, but require a lot of independent work based on the materials provided. The courses can include virtual lectures at specific times, so you need a headset and a mic. In some cases the virtual lectures are recorded so you can watch them later. Studies include a lot of learning tasks, group work, essays and other tasks that have certain deadlines. In addition there is usually an exam at the end of the course.

Onsite studies requires a presence in Mikkeli, Finland (2nd year).

The student's workload is as follows: There are 30 credits per semester in the Autumn  and in the Spring. 1 credit equals 27 hours of student work, ie 30 credits equals 810 hours = 101 study days. Online studies require self-direction, time management, and commitment. Note that these studies are University studies and you have to meet the expectations of that level.

The objective of the path studies is to carry out 60 ECTS credits during one school year. After you have completed 50 credits you can apply from open path to degree studies at Xamk. All credits completed through Open path studies are transferred to the degree studies.

Environmental Engineering (EE) program provides you with a wide perspective to the professional field of environmental technology. You learn about the causes, consequences and prevention of environmental problems from local oil spills to global problems, such as climate change and microplastics in waters. The field of environmental engineering is expanding and developing rapidly around the world for ensuring good living environment in the future.

After graduation you can work in different positions of environmental research, supervision, planning and management. You may develop and improve recycling solutions for cities, or conduct investigations and remediation measures in contaminated areas. Other tasks could be water and soil sampling, environmental monitoring or you may plan and organize water acquisition and treatment processes.

In the working life the tasks may include career positions like environmental manager, project engineer, research or development engineer, environmental specialist, consultant.

Contents and methods:
The contents of the studies are in accordance with Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Engineering degree programme. The language of instruction is English. The studies are carried out as online studies (except for the 2nd academic year) in the group of degree students.

During their studies the students can participate in different kinds of projects, which are carried out in cooperation with working life. Environmental laboratory provides important learning environment for many courses such as chemistry, waste management, environmental sampling and monitoring, water treatment. The laboratory facilities also offer an excellent opportunity for project studies and for different research and development projects. Thus studies use blended-learning methods including lectures, online studies, and project-based learning.

Information on degree studies

Link to the curriculum

Additional information
Principal lecturer Mr Arto Sormunen, arto.sormunen@xamk.fi

BYOD – Bring your own device
The BYOD policy demands students bring their own devices, i.e. laptops, to campus. Read more here.

Enrolment and cancellation:
Enrolment in path studies is binding. Open study path students are taken in enrolment order. If you enroll on several open paths, the primary path is the one you enrolled in first.

If you cannot participate in the path you have already enrolled in, please let us know as soon as possible by email openstudies@xamk.fi. Enrolment can be canceled till 15th of August 2021.

Study grants
Studying in the Open UAS does not entitle you to a study grant or other student benefits or discounts. In case you intend to study unemployed, please contact your local employment office (TE-toimisto) before you begin your studies. If your employer has granted you at least two months of uninterrupted study leave, you can apply for a full adult education allowance from Employment Fund.

Residence permit
If you are not a citizen of Finland, it is possible that you have to have a valid residence permit in order to study in the Open UAS. You cannot get a residence permit based on of Open UAS studies.  More info here.

From path to degree
You can apply in joint application period for Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Engineering degree programme during your open path studies, if you qualify the admission criteria. More information here.

It is also possible to apply for a degree student without a formal qualification at separate admission organized by Xamk. This is possible after you have completed 50 credits at Xamk. More information here. The credits you have completed will be recognized as a part of your degree. Please notice, that if you are admitted as a degree student, the tuition fee for students outside of the EU/EEA is 9 700 euros / academic year. More information on tuition fee here.

Additional information about the enrolment
The office of Xamk Open University of Applied Sciences, email openstudies@xamk.fi. Please notice that the Open UAS staff is on holiday in July.

OUAS reserves the right to make changes.


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