Time: 22 August 2019 – 31 July 2020 (the starting date may still change)
Place: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk), Department of Business, Kouvola Campus, Paraatikenttä 7, Kouvola
Extent: 30 ECTS credits
Prior degree:  In order to enrol on this path  you have to have a Bachelor's degree in business management or a similar Bachelor level degree.

Credited in degree: Master of Business Administration, International Business Management
Enrolment period: 1st – 7th of August 2019, the enrolment is binding. The enrolment form will open 1st of  August at 9 am Finnish time.
Price: EUR 175 / semester, EUR 350 in total
Number of study places: 1

Please notice, that these studies are not for Xamk degree students.

The International Business Management (IBM) studies focus on the aspects of international business which are of vital importance for the international strategic management and growth of companies. We offer students the possibility to exchange studies with our numerous partner institutions.

Contents and methods:
The contents of these studies are in accordance with Xamk University of Applied Sciences Master of Business Administration (International Business Management) degree programme and the language of instruction is English. The studies are carried out as part-time studies in the group of degree students. Studies use blended-learning methods including lectures, online studies, and project-based learning.

Core competence courses are the following:

  • Internationalization strategies
  • Sustainable growth
  • Marketing and sales management
  • Customer intelligence
  • Supply chain management
  • Strategic business game

Core competence courses aim to provide you with knowledge and skills to utilize and integrate different kind of business information to plan, implement and develop managerial interventions for the organization. The theoretical models and methods of the international business management are essential part of the core competences. One course covers 5 ECTS credits.

Complementary competence studies enable you to specialise and deepen your studies according to your own interests and needs. You can include 30 ECTS credits of free choice Master School studies into your diploma. The studies are categorized under the following themes:

  • management studies
  • research and development studies
  • Russia studies
  • communication studies and
  • entrepreneurship studies

There is on average three contact days per month, normally held during weekdays, typically Thursdays and Fridays at 9-16:15. Most of the studies will be completed online individually or in small teams. Your progress is supported by online study counseling.

BYOD – Bring your own device
The BYOD policy demands students bring their own devices, i.e. laptops, to campus. Read more here.

Additional information:
You should bring the following documents with you on the first day of studies:
– passport/residence permit or official Finnish ID
– certificate of physical examination (students from outside Finland only). This means that the student should have a health examination done by a medical professional (nurse or doctor) who fills in the certificate. The certificate is needed to give Xamk school nurses basic information about your health, in case you need to use their services during your studies.

Enrolment and cancellation:
Enrolment on the path studies is binding. Students to open study path are taken in enrolment order. If you enroll on several open paths, the primary path is the one you enrolled first.

If you cannot participate the path you have already enrolled on, please let us know as soon as possible by email openstudies@xamk.fi. Enrolment can be canceled free of charge till 14th of August 2019. If you cancel after this, the tuition fee EUR 175 must be paid in total.

The open path studies are not intended for Xamk’s degree students.

Information regarding studies
Dr. Mikhail Nemilentsev, mikhail.nemilentsev@xamk.fi, tel. +358 40 630 7620.

Information on degree studies in International Business Management

Link to the curriculum

Study grants
Studying in the Open UAS does not entitle you to a study grant or other student benefits or discounts. In case you intend to study unemployed, please make sure your livelihood situation at the local employment office (TE-toimisto) before you begin your studies. If your employer has granted you at least two months of uninterrupted study leave, you can apply for a full adult education allowance from Employment Fund.

Residence permit
If you are not a citizen of Finland, it is possible that you have to have a valid residence permit in order to study in the Open UAS. You cannot get a residence permit based on of Open UAS studies.  More info here http://migri.fi/en/studying-in-finland.

From path to degree
You can apply in joint application period for Bachelor of Business Administration degree programme during your open path studies, if you qualify the admission criteria. More information here.

It is also possible to apply for a degree student without a formal qualification at separate admission organized by Xamk. This is possible after you have completed 60 credits at Xamk. More information here. The credits you have completed will be recognized as a part of your degree. Please notice, that if you are admitted as a degree student, the tuition fee for students outside of the EU/EEA is 6000 euros / academic year. More information on tuition fee here.

Additional information about the enrolment
The office of Xamk Open University of Applied Sciences, email openstudies@xamk.fi. Please notice that the Open UAS staff is on holiday in July.

OUAS reserves the right to make changes.


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