Xamk’s new students starting at Xamk from 3 January to 14 January 2022, will study according their study plan in contact teaching on campus or on-line.

Theoretical studies of all other students are transferred to remote teaching. This applies both to degree and non-degree studies, including open UAS and continuing education.

Only practical teaching, such as simulations, laboratory exercises and other practical exercises may be organized on campus ensuring the necessary hygiene and safety measures.

The ruling is made according to the instructions given by the Finnish Government.

– We wish to make the beginning of studies as safe as possible for our new students by limiting the number of students on campuses. Our goal is that our new students will have a good possibility to connect to our community and each one would get a good start for their studies. We are aware that corona pandemic and long periods of distance learning have been a burden for the well-being and mental health for our students, president Heikki Saastamoinen says.

– Our ruling is based on the assessment done by the Finnish institute for health and welfare. It ranks teaching in higher education institutions, such as the universities of applied sciences, in the lowest corona risk category. However, we are prepared to change the teaching arrangements before 4th January, if it is necessary. To guarantee safe studying on campuses, the safety instructions must be followed in all contact teaching situations by keeping a safe distance from others, maintaining good hand hygiene and wearing a mouth-nose mask, Saastamoinen continues.

Students should contact their group or course teacher for information on the teaching arrangements.

All student groups return to contact teaching 17th January.

The sports and other hobby facilities on campuses will be closed until 16th January.

All Xamk’s administrative and support services personnel work remotely as agreed with the supervisor.

If you have any questions concerning Xamk’s corona virus instructions, please send an email to korona@xamk.fi.

Xamk’s corona instructions