The arrival enquiry results from spring 2017 are ready. A total of 406 students in full- or part-time degree studies (69.2 % of all new students) answered the enquiry in March 2017. The total mean of the enquiry was 3.49. The best results were in the double degree education of Building services engineering (3.98) and in the degree education of Physiotherapy (3.78).

Cooperation with the staff and the students is good. The average assessment of “The cooperation with students” (3.98) was the best mean of the whole enquiry. The average assesment of “The cooperation with staff” was 3.72.

The learning environment is pleasant and functional. The average assessment concerning the learning environment was also one of the highest results (3.71).

The students are satisfied and only a few students are intend to interrupt their studies. The average assesment of “At the moment, I am a satisfied student” was 3.47.
A total of 97.5 % intend to study in their education until graduation.

The majority of the students have had opportunity to make their PSP. Most students (87.6 %) have had the opportunity to make their personal study plan (PSP) and almost as many (81 %) have also discussed it with their mentor teacher.

The student tutoring and the instructions for the beginning of the studies should be developed. The average assessment of “Student tutors have been of help at the beginning of the studies” was 2.97. This was the lowest mean of the enquiry and this question produced a fairly wide variation of answers. The average assessment of “The instructions for the beginning of the studies and for studying in general” was 3.1. The average assessment concerning the usability of the student intranet Student was one of the lowest result (3.14).

The arrival enquiry collects information about the orientation related to starting of studies, the atmosphere, student tutoring and the student satisfaction. All degree students respond to the arrival enquiry during their first semester.

The results of the arrival enquiry will be discussed in Xamk’s different teams and in the development forums of the departments. If the mean of any of the three parts of the enquiry in a degree programme is under 3.25, the degree programme makes a development plan and starts correcting activities.



Xamk’s total mean 2017 (406/584, 69.2%) lowest mean highest mean
The instructions for the beginning of the studies and for studying in general have been 3.10 2.61 4.14
The usability of the student intranet, Student, is 3.14 2.89 3.43
The usability of the eLearning environment (Moodle) is 3.49 3.20 4.14
I have become acquainted with the curriculum of my education and its aims 3.25 2.93 4.20
The cooperation with the staff has been 3.72 3.17 4.29
The cooperation with the students has been 3.98 3.38 4.43
The students in my education are being heard and encouraged 3.58 3.00 3.98
My education has a pleasant and functional learning environment 3.71 3.18 4.06
Student tutors have been of help at the beginning of the studies 2.97 1.92 4.00
At the moment, I am a satisfied student 3.47 3.10 4.14
Total mean 3.49 3.11 3.98