Xamk promotes and encourages active citizenship and participation. Xamk has established ground rules concerning elections to facilitate the work of both candidates and staff during election season.

The next election will be the parliamentary elections on 2 April 2023, with advance voting being carried out in Finland from 22 to 28 March 2023.




Leaderships of parties and constituency associations as well as ministers may organise virtual/online expert lectures, which are open for all Xamk employees. The organisers of the lectures are responsible for the practical arrangements. Xamk’s systems are not used to hold these lectures.

  • Tiivi Pukkila-Nupponen, Head of Communication and Marketing Services, is to be notified of online expert lectures.


Candidates/parties/constituency associations can reserve Xamk’s facilities (excluding Xamk’s restaurant and lobby facilities) for their hustings events according to the normal venue hiring instructions and rates.



Xamk’s internal communication tools may be used to communicate information about the following:

  • election-related advance voting on campuses
  • election guidelines (also communicated to external stakeholders)
  • hustings events where representatives from different parties and constituency associations have an opportunity to be featured equally (e.g. Kaakko’s election panels)
  • online expert lectures organised by leaderships of parties and constituency associations and ministers

Xamk’s communication channels are not used to announce other hustings events organised by candidates/parties/constituency associations.

Xamk’s Communication and Marketing Services are responsible for centralised election-related communication.

Election posters may not be distributed/delivered/posted to post office boxes, staff email, Teams, or intranet discussions etc. or on walls. Xamk’s email lists, internal mail, and communication channels may not be used for political activities outside of elections either.

Candidates may appear in Xamk’s media, e.g. Xamk’s website or social media channels, only in connection with their working duties.

Candidates are allowed to shoot their campaign videos or advertisements on campuses, since campuses are public spaces. However, other campus users must be taken into consideration when doing this. Asking for permission from people who might be visible in your video or picture is good practice, and no one should be filmed against their will.



Kotka Campus on 22.3. at 11.00-11.30.
Mikkeli Campus on 23.3. at 9.00-13.00.
Kouvola Campus on  28.3. at 8.30-12.00.

Contact Details

Expert Lectures

  • Head of Communication and marketing services  Tiivi Pukkila-Nupponen, 040 521 1809, tiivi.pukkila-nupponen@xamk.fi

Reserving for facilities at campuses

  • myyntipalvelu@xamk.fi, puh. 0153 556 303

Student Union Kaakko

  • 3rd  vice-chairman of Student Union Kaakko’s board: Terppa Kuismin, Terppa.Kuismin@opiskelijakuntakaakko.fi