Over 25 organizations participated in the IN-4-AHA Open Call and five finalists have now been selected. The objective of IN-4-AHA Open Call was to facilitate the scalability of innovative solutions in active and healthy ageing across EU.

Open Call and the developing process after selecting the finalists offers testing opportunities and business coaching for innovative and scalable solutions. ​With the finalists, user-centered cross-border testing of selected innovations will be done in e-environments and physical spaces in Finland and Spain.

The finalists will also receive testing opportunities with users in living labs in Finland and Spain, business coaching for scaling up from an international coaching team, and further feedback and reporting. The examples of innovation will be posted on the IN-4-AHA website.

Here are the finalists, with whom we will continue the developing process of selected innovations (in alphabetical order):

AVECEN is the virtual assistant for active aging of people with neurodegenerative mental illnesses.

The objective of the project is the development of a distributed platform that allows self-management of neurodegenerative diseases by patients as well as decision-making by medical professionals and caregivers of their environment. For this, the creation of a dynamic virtual assistant is proposed that continuously monitors and evaluates the execution of certain clinical and lifestyle routines. The assistant is also making recommendations adapted to the patient’s condition and evaluating their frequent or habitual behavior at all times, allowing to understand its evolution over time.

AVECEN is a project led by Plexus Tech, an IT products and services consultancy with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. Other project partners are Arcade Consultores and Insati Innovation.

COQUUS is a software for integrating menus with user-specific informating for healthy eating.

The goal of Coquus, developed by Novos Sistemas de Información, is better nourished and happier elderlies. Coquus is a software integrating different menus with their technical sheets, allergens, costs and nutritional assessments with the characteristics of diners such as allergies and tastes, and by combining both decides what each person should take.

ENNA is an operating concept for tablets to facilitate independent digital communication for beginners.

Enna by uCare enables digital beginners to communicate independently digitally and to access and use digital content such as entertainment and support. For this purpose, tablet is extended with a haptic operating concept.

MYONTEC utilizes muscle activation technology in smart clothes for active ageing.

Myontec develops smart clothes to motivate elderly people to keep their muscles activated and maintain good balance. Myontec is the cutting-edge wearables company which takes muscle activation technology – electromyography (EMG) – out of the lab, for a new dimension in understanding muscles behavior.

TEMPID SMART PATCH is a body temperature logger with mobile application.

TempID Smart Patch is a reusable body temperature logger with mobile application for early detection of health risks, potential infection and other health related issues. The aim is to support remote care and increase efficiency.

About the project behind the Open Call

The IN-4-AHA project will build on the achievements and legacy of the EIP on AHA ecosystem. Besides actively involving the EIP on AHA community, the project will also engage with the Joint Programming Initiative on More Years Better Lives, the Active and Assisted Living Programme, EIT Digital and EIT Health.

IN 4-AHA is coordinated by Tehnopol Science and Business Park. Consortium partners are EIT Health Scandinavian Regional Innovation Hub, Galician Health Cluster, Civitta Estonia, European Regional and Local Health Authorities ASBL, Foundation Praxic Centre for Policy Studies, Proud Engineers, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Xamk, Competence Centre on Active and Healthy Agening of University of Porto, and Slovenian Innovation Hub, European Economic Interest Grouping SIH EEIG.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101017603.

More information:

Project Manager Kaija Villman
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences


in4aha – Empowering the innovation for active and healthy ageing (tehnopol.ee)