Xamk sponsors five student athletes. Students who show good example on connecting competitive sports and of studying have been chosen among the applicants. An attempt has been made to bring out different sports.
The chosen athletes will be seen on the communication channels of Xamk. They will also bring visibility in the events and on their own social media channels.
Xamk arranged the application process of the sponsor support for students for the first time. There were altogether 33 applicants.
Next time the students are able to apply for the sponsor support at the end of the year 2020. It will be announced on Student intranet.
The chosen students are:
Information technology student Annika Haverinen, 100 m run
Logistics student Yusufa Lehtinen, American football

(Photo: Mikko Mäkelä)

Emergency care student Patrick Potrykus, ultimate
Health care student Anna Ropponen, wellness fitness
Student of the master’s degree of  environmental technology Tommi Takanen, skeet