Game Design students Robert Raulus, Arsi Patala  and Mikko Tamper from Xamk created a game called Power Pair, which received the best PC Game award and the Best Game concept award in the international games jam, Brains Eden 2019.

Game Design students Arsi Patala, Mikko Tamper and Robert Raulus from Xamk took part in the UK’s largest international students games jam, Brains Eden. The jam was organised in its 11th year at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge UK. The theme of the year was chain reaction. The students’ game called Power Pair received the Best PC Game award and the Best Game concept award.

The Finnish students created the game with a former student of Anglia Ruskin University. In their team of four, they created a game supporting the theme chain reaction. One of the students, Patala, sums up that the main point of the game is two players who represent two batteries, attempting to combine into one, powerful battery.

The students took part in the Jam becaus

e they wanted to create new experiences. When the judges announced the game Power Pair won the Best PC Game award and the Best Game concept award, it was a major but pleasant surprise. On the other hand, the students were also personally proud of the Game’s final result. According to them, one of its strengths is keeping the visual objects and repertory as simple as possible, so all the elements could be well finished.

“This game felt so well finished that it could almost be launched”, says Patala.

The Brains Eden judges described the team’s game as “amazing” and “a very clever puzzle game” whose “level design was excellent”.

Overall the Game Jam taught a lot and offered new and unforgettable experiences. Patala recommends that “if you ever get the chance to take part in Game Jams – just go for it.”

All three students have career plans for the future

All three team members have studied a couple of years in the international Game Design degree program at Xamk, Kouvola campus. They all have clear plans for the future.

Arsi Patala focuses on coding and making music.

“I have my own game project in the making and my dream is to be able to concentrate on my own ideas and art in the future as well.”

Mikko Tamper has focused on developing 3D artist skills during his studies, and his goal is to work as a 3D artist in the future. Tamper and Robert Raulus have a common game project in the making. The students also help each other in their personal projects.

“My biggest dream is to become a 3D artist. I believe that there is a need for artists in society, but the level of skills is sometimes high. To be able to succeed you must have a lot of skills”, Tamper says.

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