Xamk updates this page with current information concerning the coronavirus situation.  First published on 4 March 2020, updated on 26 June at 16.30. 



Xamk follows the national guidelines and recommendations concerning the coronavirus pandemic. For the latest information, see the websites of   



Until 2 August 2020:

Xamk campuses and other off-campus facilities such as XLab in Kotka are closed until 2 August 2020. The doors remain locked until then. This also means that the Exam rooms for electronic examinations and Xamk’s recreational facilities (gyms, sports halls, band rehearsal room) are closed until 2 August 2020. However, staff members may visit the campus to perform their work tasks – to enter the building, they need their access tag. 

Services that are normally available on campus (such as the Student Affairs Office) can be accessed online. Registration certificates and transcripts of records can be printed out from Peppi. 


  • Xamk research laboratories, including the Environmental Laboratory, Mikpolis, Biosampo, Fiber Laboratory, KymiLabs Concrete Laboratory and 3K Factory remain open, but all work in these units is performed remotely. Customer contacts necessary for operations are organised in a safe way. 
  • Field-work teaching sessions can be arranged outdoors, observing the 50-person limit.  
  • The libraries are open; please see the Library website at https://kaakkuri.finna.fi/?lng=en-gb for further information. 
  • Restaurant Stadiumi is open. . 

From 3 August 2020 onwards: 

Xamk campuses will open on Monday 3 August 2020. Support services for students, such as the Student Affairs Office, will operate normally from 3 August. However, we recommend using the available online services whenever possible.  Work duties permitting, the staff will continue to work remotely until the end of August.  

Xamk restaurants (www.xamkravintolat.fi) 

  • Dexi, Talli, Junnu and Kaari will open on 3 August 
  • Kasarmina and Paja will open on 10 August.  



Until 31 July 2020: 

Teaching will continue with remote arrangements until 31 July.  Alternative arrangements for taking exams are in place, as the Exam rooms for electronic examinations are closed and unavailable until 31 July 2020. Students are urged to follow their student email, the Learn (earlier Moodle) platform and Student intranet. 

Maturity tests can be taken in the Learn and Teams environments, with a set time limit. Arrangements concerning the maturity test should be made with the thesis supervisor. If you need assistance, please contact the eCampus. 

No resit exams are arranged on the campuses, nor can they be taken electronically in the Exam rooms. Instead, resit exams are taken in the Learn environment (earlier Moodle) or in another way as instructed by the teacher. Teachers inform the students concerned of the resit exam, while the Student Affairs Office will send the resit exam registration lists to the teachers in the usual way. Instructions and a link to the form are available on Student intranet. 

 From 3 August 2020 onwards:  

In all degree programmes taught in Finnish, the goal is to arrange normal contact teaching on campus in the autumn semester, according to the plans made. Xamk will monitor any changes in the national guidelines during the summer and early autumn, and is prepared to return to emergency conditions, if needed. 


Some English-language degree programmes will be taught online in the autumn, while some will involve contact teaching on campus.  

  • Digital International Business: all students study remotely until 16 October 2020 
  • Environmental Engineering: all students study remotely until 16 October 2020 
  • Game Design: all students study on campus 
  • Information Technology: all students study remotely until 16 October 2020 
  • International Business Management: all students study remotely until 16 October 2020 
  • Wellbeing Management: all students study on campus  

Amazing campus race for new students is cancelled. In the orientation for new students, online tools will be utilised, with class-specific grouping activities.


Xamk follows the recommendations issued by the Government on 16 March 2020. According to them, practical training can be organised if it is possible for the employer, and if Xamk and the employer consider it to be safe for the student. 

However, if the risk of contracting the coronavirus at the workplace is high, it is recommended that the practical training or other training period be interrupted until the risk no longer exists. 

In the field of health care, it should also be noted that the students’ work contribution may be needed if the epidemic persists and results in shortage of health care personnel. 

Students may request more information by sending an email to korona@xamk.fi. From this address, the message will be forwarded to the people responsible for the degree programme in question.  At Xamk, the Directors of Schools issue instructions on field-specific training periods. 



No events including more than 50 attendees will be organised at Xamk until 31 August 2020. Meetings are held remotely, if possible. The Amazing campus race for new students is cancelled, as well as the personnel day.



Xamk follows the national guidelines and recommendations on travelling.  

International travel of Xamk staff is suspended until 31 August 2020.  In terms of work-related travel in Finland, only trips that are absolutely necessary should be made. This also applies to travelling between Xamk campuses. Instead of travelling, staff members are urged to have online meetings.  



Exchange students starting their studies at Xamk in the autumn semester will study remotely until 16 October 2020.  

In terms of Xamk students going abroad on an exchange, the associated preparations are carried out normally, observing, however, the national guidelines and recommendations by the authorities.  



During the emergency conditions (under which contact teaching has been suspended pursuant to official regulations and studying takes place remotely, usually at home) the insurance is valid when the student participates in a teaching session and/or completes the so-called in-class tasks assigned by the teacher.  As a rule, assignments performed at the time indicated in the schedule are covered by the insurance. However, the insurance is also considered valid for completing assignments at other times, provided the assignment or activity concerned is included in the remote instruction. 

The insurance is not valid when the student completes homework assigned by the teacher, or during other activities regarded as leisure time. In case of an accident, the policyholder must file an accident report and confirm that the accident occurred in activities performed in accordance with the curriculum. Further information on insurance is available on Student intranet. 



Staff continues to work remotely until 31 August 2020, if possibleIf the work tasks so require, it is possible to return to the campus part-time. This should always be agreed with the superior.   

By making use of remote working arrangements, we strive to ensure that the offices won’t become too crowded for the returning staff members.  

More specific staff guidelines are available on Staff intranet. 



The emergency conditions resulting from coronavirus are being monitored at Xamk, and the guidelines are updated as needed. The related activities and instructions are managed by the Board of Directors, under the leadership of Heikki Saastamoinen, CEO and President. 

Until further notice, Xamk issues information related to the coronavirus in the following ways: 

  • by producing a news update (Staff and Student intranet, staff and student email) as necessary 
  • by maintaining information and advice on the website and on Staff and Student intranet 

An email address at korona@xamk.fi is available for Xamk staff and students. If you have a question concerning the coronavirus and Xamk’s activities, please send it to this address.   Representatives from different units will be processing the incoming emails between 8.00 and 18.00, Monday to Friday. Effort is made to reply to the messages within 24 hours. 


Media contacts: Heikki Saastamoinen, CEO and President, tel. +358 50 312 5151, heikki.saastamoinen@xamk.fi 





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