Xamk updates this page with current instructions concerning the coronavirus situation. First published on 4 March 2020, latest update 7 September 2020.


Updates introduced on 24 September:

  • Hybrid model of teaching will continue until further notice.
  • The goal is that all students can return to study on campus as soon as it is possible and safe. ​
  • Xamk staff can continue to work remotely until further notice.
  • Xamk will not organise events for over 50 participants until further notice.


  • Don’t come to campus if you are ill or have symptoms. Also, do not visit student health care if you are ill or have symptoms.
  • Observe good hand hygiene by washing your hands as soon as you arrive on campus, and many times during the day. Disinfect your hands, if washing them is not possible.
  • Keep your social distance, 1-2 metres, also when entering and exiting classroom and while queuing or waiting in the hallway. .
  • In simulation, laboratory and Paja workshop exercises, everyone must wear a surgical mouth and nose mask provided by Xamk. In other situations on campus, you can wear a cloth or paper mask acquired by yourself.
  • Cough and sneeze into a paper handkerchief or your sleeve.

Please follow the official safety instructions also on freetime events.

If you have symptoms associated with the coronavirus (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, muscle ache, fatigue, runny nose, nausea, diarhhoea) take the online symptom check-up at http://www.omaolo.fi or call the Medical Helpline 116 117 for further instructions on getting tested.

In Finland, the coronavirus situation is monitored and assessed by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL. For more information, please visit THL’s website.

We recommend the use of Koronavilkku, a contact tracing app which helps you find out whether you may have been exposed to coronavirus.  You can download the app to your smart phone free of charge from an app store. 


The libraries, Student Affairs Offices, Exam rooms, restaurants and Xamk’s recreational facilities (gyms, sports halls, band rehearsal room) are open, observing social distancing and a high level of hygiene.
Whenever possible, use online services – you can print registration certificates and transcripts of study records from Peppi.
Any necessary customer contacts are managed in a safe way.



The academic year is organised with a combination of remote and contact teaching.

All contact teaching is carried out observing safety, primarily by keeping a 1-2 metre social distance and maintaining a high level of hand hygiene. Teachers employ working methods that do not require close contact with others. Each starting group studies in a specific classroom assigned to it.

When attending theoretical instruction, choose your seat so that you can keep social distance to other people. We recommend using a face mask. See instructions for theoretical instruction (picture)

Effort is also made to maintain a 1-2 metre social distance in practical instruction. As this is not always possible, disposable mouth and nose masks provided by Xamk on the premises are used in simulation, laboratory and Paja workshop facilities. See instructions for practical instruction (picture)

If you belong to a risk group for serious coronavirus diseasecontact a Student Wellbeing Advisor  to agree on any special arrangements. You need to present a medical certificate showing you belong to a risk group. 

Studying arrangements for different study groups

1. Degree students starting now (bachelor’s and master’s programmes) and degree students who started in January 2020 (bachelor’s and master’s programmes)

Students who have  started their studies this year in degree programmes taught in Finnish or in the Wellbeing Management or Game Design degree programmes, will study in contact teaching as planned.

Those who have started or are starting their studies this year in other English-language degree programmes (Information Technology, Environmental Engineering, Digital International Business, International Business Management) will study remotely until further notice, at least until 25 October.  

2. Degree students who started before 2020 (bachelor’s and master’s programmes)

Theoretical instruction for continuing students is arranged remotely until further notice. The course teacher will provide more specific information on the remote teaching arrangements to the course participants. Practical teaching, such as simulations, laboratory exercises and Paja workshop training, is organised on campus as planned.

3. Students attending open UAS, continuing or commissioned education

Students who started  in 2020 study on campus or in accordance with the respective plan.
In terms of students who started earlier, the same principles apply as to degree programme students: theoretical instruction is organised remotely while practical teaching (simulations, laboratory exercises and Paja workshop training) takes place on campus.

4. All students arriving from abroad

All students arriving from abroad are advised to enter self-quarantine for two weeks before coming to campus or starting practical training. They attend teaching sessions in accordance with Xamk’s policies and the plans of the degree programme concerned.

5. Students’ leisure trips abroad

Xamk recommends that all leisure travel abroad be avoided until further notice. If you do travel abroad in your free time, make sure you follow the national guidelines on self-quarantine.

Exams and maturity tests

The Exam rooms are open and social distancing is observed. With respect to exams and maturity tests, follow your teacher’s instructions, student email, the Learn platform and Student intranet.

Recommendation to wear masks on campus

Xamk recommends that masks, either cloth or disposable, be worn on campus, especially when a social distance of 1–2 metres is not possible. Degree and path students will receive their masks (two masks / person) on campus. More specific information will follow later.
Please note: In simulation and laboratory instruction and Paja workshop training, everyone must wear a disposable mouth and nose mask provided by Xamk. The hygiene instructions issued separately must also be followed.

Xamk monitors the national and regional recommendations concerning the wearing of masks and will specify its own recommendations in more detail as necessary.


Special attention to the safety and hygiene instructions must be paid in study-related transport (such as joint transport to fieldwork teaching sessions). The students must use the mouth and nose masks provided by the teacher as instructed.

Self-study facilities

Wash or disinfect your hands before and after using the equipment. Wipe all equipment and accessories (computer keyboards, remote controls, and other tools) that you have used with the cleaning cloths available.

More information on teaching arrangements

Contact your group or course teacher for information on the teaching arrangements. Information is also available through Xamk’s communication channels (Student intranet, Tuudo, student email) and study platforms, such as Learn.
Teachers are advised to contact their own supervisor for more information.


Xamk follows the recommendations issued by the Government. According to them, practical training can be organised if it is possible for the employer, and if Xamk and the employer consider it to be safe for the student.

However, if the risk of contracting the coronavirus at the workplace is high, it is recommended that the practical training or other training period be interrupted until the risk no longer exists.
Students may request more information by sending an email to korona@xamk.fi. From this address, the message will be forwarded to the people responsible for the degree programme in question. At Xamk, the Directors of Schools issue instructions on field-specific training periods.


Incoming exchange students from all countries are advised to enter self-quarantine for two weeks before coming to campus or starting practical training. They attend teaching sessions in accordance with Xamk’s policies and the plans of the degree programme concerned.

In terms of Xamk students going abroad on an exchange, the associated preparations are carried out, observing, however, the national guidelines and recommendations by the authorities.


If the authority, municipality or educational institute has established that – resulting from the coronavirus situation – studying should take place remotely, (usually) at home, the insurance is valid when the student participates in a teaching session and/or completes the so-called in-class tasks assigned by the teacher.  As a rule, assignments performed at the time indicated in the schedule are covered by the insurance. However, the insurance is also considered valid for completing assignments at other times, provided the assignment or activity concerned is included in the remote instruction.

The insurance is not valid when the student completes homework assigned by the teacher, or during other activities regarded as leisure time. In case of an accident, the policyholder must file an accident report and confirm that the accident occurred in activities performed in accordance with the curriculum.


No events including more than 50 attendees are organised at Xamk until 31 October 2020. Events and meetings are arranged remotely whenever possible.

At events of less than 50 people, social distancing and good hygiene will be observed. If you are planning an event, contact Head of Security and Safety Jussi Jokivaara.


Xamk follows the national guidelines and recommendations on travelling. If you arrive in Finland from a country subject to travel restrictions, you are advised to enter self-quarantine for 14 days following return to Finland.

Self-quarantine means that you avoid close contact with others whenever possible, and stay at home.

International work-related travel of Xamk staff is suspended until further notice.  In terms of domestic travel, remote meetings are preferred. Only absolutely necessary travel is allowed, observing the travel guidelines.

Visits to Xamk by foreign lecturers and guests should not be organised until further notice.

Further information

advice FOR STAFF

Work tasks permitting, all Xamk staff members will continue to work remotely until further notice. If the work tasks so require, it is possible to work part-time from campus. This should always be agreed on with the supervisor.

By making use of remote working arrangements, we want to prevent the offices from becoming too crowded. More specific guidelines for staff are available on Staff intranet, on the coronavirus guidelines page.


Xamk monitors the exceptional situation caused by the corona pandemic and updates its guidelines as necessary. The goal is that all students can return to study on campus as soon as it is possible and safe.

Coronavirus-related activities and the preparation of guidelines are managed by the Management Team under the leadership of CEO and President Heikki Saastamoinen.

For the time being, Xamk informs about coronavirus-related matters as follows:
• news updates as necessary (Staff and Student intranet, email to staff and students)
• guidelines on the website, Staff and Student

Xamk staff and students may send their questions concerning Xamk’s corona-related activities to korona@xamk.fi. Representatives from different units read messages sent to this address, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm (8.00–18.00). We aim to reply all messages within 24 hours of their arrival.

When necessary, you may also get more information
• Staff: your supervisor
• Students in Finland: follow Xamk’s communication
• Students abroad: International Services
• Teaching arrangements: your teacher
• Event arrangements: Head of Security

Media contacts: Heikki Saastamoinen, CEO and President, tel. +358 50 312 5151, heikki.saastamoinen@xamk.fi


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