In accordance with the guidelines by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Xamk refrains from all higher education and research cooperation with Russian and Belarusian partner organisations.

Xamk freezes higher education and research cooperation with Russia and Belarus

Existing cooperation and initiatives with Russia and Belarus are suspended, and effort is made to find ways to continue research and development projects without Russian and Belarusian partners.

Support for Ukrainian students – Ministry is preparing measures

Measures will be taken to promote the possibilities of Ukrainian students to continue their studies at Finnish higher education institutions.  The Ministry of Education and Culture, in collaboration with higher education institutions, is preparing measures to support Ukrainian students, staff and researchers in higher education institutions and to offer opportunities to study and work in Finland for those who are fleeing the war.

Russian degree and exchange students

The freezing of cooperation applies to the Russian state – not to Russian students in Finland or higher education staff. Russian and Belarusian citizens have the right to continue their degree studies and apply for a study place at Xamk normally.  New exchange programmes will not be launched with Russia or Belarus, but current exchange students can continue their studies.


The sanctions must be complied with in procurement activities.

We at Xamk support all student and staff members of our community, regardless of citizenship or nationality. We will not tolerate any harassment associated with citizenship or nationality at our university of applied sciences.

​​​​​​​In terms of the sanctions, we haven’t been able to prepare for all practical implications they may have, and the situation is constantly changing.  We will issue more information about the policies as soon as more detailed information is available.

Additional information

Press release by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture (published 9 March 2022)

Information on the effects of the Ukraine crisis on  Finnish Government website.

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