In autumn 2019, we are joining our forces to promote sustainable development.  Xamk’s Green Office team, restaurant services and Student Union Kaakko are organising campaigns and events both at Xamk level and on individual campuses.

Ecolabelled restaurant services

To launch this autumn’s theme weeks, Xamk restaurants participate in the Stop Food Waste Week between 9 and 13 September. The restaurants also celebrate the Organic Week and Meat-Free October, during which restaurant customers are encouraged to choose a vegatarian option for lunch. More information about these campaigns is available on restaurant information screens.

Sustainable mobility

Xamk has selected sustainable mobility as its key Green Office theme. To celebrate this, we are participating in the annual Mobility Week and Car Free Day, held on 22 September.

Going to school on foot or by bike, or even by skateboard, is good for the environment and saves money.  At the same time, it also revitalises our bodies and minds.

The Stair Days in November reminds us that it’s also possible to take little exercise sessions during the work day.

Exchange or donate your “treasures”

Student Union Kaakko arranges the Treasure Exchange Weeksin Kotka, Kouvola and Mikkeli between 16 and 27 September. This campaign offers Xamk staff and students the opportunity to bring items they no longer need for others to use, and take items brought by other people in return. Everything is free; you may not sell anything. The remaining items are donated to charity.

Switching off lights in Energy Saving Week

The final programme for Xamk’s Energy Saving Week has not yet been confirmed, but it will at least include an event to be organised by Environmental Engineering students in Mikkeli. The venue is restaurant Dexi, and the event will take place on 9 October from 9 to 12 a.m. In Kotka and Kouvola, the focus is on disseminating information to increase awareness of the importance of switching off lights and electrical appliances. The restaurant services are also taking part in the efforts to save energy. More specific information about the week’s events will be released later in September/October.

This autumn’s sustainable development events and campaigns at Xamk level

·         Food Waste Week 9 – 15 September

·         Mobility Week and Car Free Day 16 – 22 September

·         Kilometrikisa Biking Challenge until 22 September

·         Treasure Exchange Weeks 16 – 27 September

·         Organic Week 30 September – 6 October

·         Meat-Free October

·         Energy Saving Week 7 – 13 October

·         Stair Days 4 – 10 November


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