The nationwide KouvolaGames22 game development competition is looking for the best Kouvola-themed game in Finland. The competition is divided into two categories: one is open to anyone, the other is specifically for the elementary school pupils (first to ninth grade). Winners will receive wireless VR glasses (Oculus Quest 2).

The threshold for participating in the competition is low, as the game can be made on programs familiar to schoolchildren such as Scratch, Game Maker, or Unity. The easiest programs do not require coding skills. You can participate in the competition as a team or an individual.

The main criteria in the competition is how well the Kouvola- theme is applied to the game. Other criteria include gameplay, artistry, and the concept of the game. The game’s commercial potential is a plus, but not essential to this competition.

– I am looking forward to what kind of games will be entered in this competition when the game genre is completely open, says Veli-Pekka Kelloniemi, Competition Director.

The jury of the competition consists of representatives of the organizers. The competition is organized in co-operation with the City of Kouvola, the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Xamk and the city newspapers PK and Ankkuri. The competition is part of the program of Capital of Game Art event being held in Kouvola.

– Kouvola brands itself as a ‘city of active people’. The Capital of Game Art event and the KouvolaGames22 competition are great examples of this in practice. In Kouvola, the most interesting thing is not what there is, but what happens there. We are sure to see great and creative insights into how active and versatile Kouvola looks in the gaming world, says Christina Suni, Brand Manager for the City of Kouvola.

– We hope for a lot of participants. I see the potential for an annual art of games competition in the future, says Capital of Game Art project manager Annika Salmi.

The competition ends 16.10. – selection of games playable for public

Competition is open until October 16th 2022. Submit your own or your team’s contact information, competition category, image or video file along with a short description of the game, as well as the game itself either directly or as a downloadable link (eg Google Drive) to

Some of the games will be published during and after the competition on the organizers websites, from where they can be downloaded and played by the public.

The winners will be announced on November 3rd 2022.

More information about the competition