A possible data breach has been noticed with some of the applicants of Bachelor’s Degree Programmes in Business in the Finnish universities of applied sciences.
The applicants have been asked to create the personal application videos and share those with the UASs in question.

The fact that some of the videos have not been unlisted and therefore the videos have been public for everyone, has caused a possible data breach.

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences has reported a data breach notification of this case to the supervisory authority of Finland, the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman. All cooperating UASs have contacted the applicants on the possibility of the data breach and instructed the applicants to delete the possible public application videos.

Altogether 15 universities of applied sciences cooperate with the International Business programmes.

More information:

Kurki-Pölönen Leena
Head of Student Services, email leena.kurki-polonen@xamk.fi