In accordance with the decision made Xamk’s Management Team, Xamk’s campuses in Kotka, Kouvola and Savonlinna will continue in the remote teaching mode (theoretical studies) until Friday 14  May 2021. Mikkeli campus continues in the hybrid model*.

Practical teaching, including simulation and laboratory exercises and Paja workshop training, are arranged on all campuses, using the required protection.  In the simulation instruction of blended programmes in the field of social and health care, the group size is limited to 20 students in Mikkeli and 6 students on the other campuses.

All teaching instructions also apply to continuous learning (open university of applied sciences and continuing education).

Restrictions on gatherings

Xamk follows the recommendations concerning restrictions on gatherings issued by the competent Regional State Administrative Agencies. The following limits are currently in force:

  • Kotka: 6 persons
  • Kouvola: 6 persons
  • Mikkeli: 50 persons
  • Savonlinna: 6 persons

These limits do not apply to teaching situations.

 Additional information


* The hybrid model means that groups who started in January 2021 or autumn 2020 study on campus (with the exception of Information Technology, which is taught remotely). Theoretical instruction for continuing students is arranged remotely. Practical instruction, including simulations, laboratory work, Paja workshop exercises and similar, will be organised on campus for all students, in accordance with the respective plans. Anyone participating in these must wear a mask.