Results of the Education Development Enquiry, Autumn 2017

The results of the education development enquiry are better than last spring but the variation between degree programmes is still very big. The best means was in the (Finnish language) Degree Programme in Business Management in Mikkeli.

What is best and what is most in need of development

The three best means in the enquiry were:

  • The students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own studies. 3.71 (+ 0.04)
  • It has been possible to include virtual study modules. 3.53 (+0.17)
  • In my education the students are treated equally. 3,52 (-0,05)

The things that are most in need of development were:

  • This education highlights entrepreneurial attitude and entrepreneurship.2.88 (+0,26)
  • The flow of information in my education in well functioning. 2.86 (+0.19)
  • My education has close working life relations. 2.99 (+0,17)
  • The quality of education and teaching are followed and developed systematically. 2.99 (+0.11)

The information gathered through the education development enquiry helps to further develop the education, study counselling and student’s self-steering, the learning environment and the general working environment. Students answer this enquiry in the middle of their studies. This autumn a total of 309 students answered the enquiry while the majority of “half-way” students (1 026) had already answered the enquiry in the spring. In the future this enquiry is always open in the autumn.

The education development enquiry has three parts: 1) learning environment and working atmosphere in the education, 2) study counselling and 3) education.

The results of the education development enquiry will be discussed in Xamk’s different teams and in the development forums of the departments. If the mean of any of the three parts of the enquiry in a degree programme is under 3, the degree programme makes a development plan and starts correcting activities.