Xamk Management Team has decided to continue the so-called hybrid model of teaching until further notice. The earlier decision regarding the hybrid model was temporary and valid until 25 October.

The new decision means that contact teaching in degree programmes taught in Finnish may continue earlier than previously announced.

The coronavirus situation is being monitored in each hospital district and campus, and decisions regarding teaching arrangements may be made quickly if the situation so requires. The goal is that all students can return to study on campus as soon as it is possible and safe.

In the hybrid teaching model, degree students who have started their studies in 2020 continue to study on campus, attending contact teaching. At the same time, students who have started their studies earlier attend theoretical instruction with remote studying arrangements, while laboratory, simulation and similar exercises are organised on campus, observing hygiene and safety. These guidelines for degree programmes also apply to Open UAS and continuing education.

If a course started online, the teacher may continue the same studying arrangements until the end of the course, if he/she considers it the best option. Teachers will inform their students of course implementation methods directly.

Xamk staff can continue to work remotely until further notice.

Temporary special arrangements on Mikkeli campus end this week

The special arrangements on Mikkeli campus will end on Sunday this week, as planned. Hybrid teaching continues on Monday 28 September, bringing students who started their studies in 2020 back to campus.

The services that have been closed for the past weeks – including the library, sports services and electronic Exam rooms – will also open on Monday.

For more detailed instructions, please see here. ​