The alumni questionnaire was sent in June 2018. 317 alumni in total answered the questionnaire (21% of all registered alumni). The purpose of the questionnaire was to establish what kind of benefits, co-operation, training and communication the alumni preferred. The information gathered through the alumni questionnaire helps in developing the alumni activities going forward.

The alumni thought the most important benefit of the alumni programme to be developing their own capability. The second most important was networking and third was acting as a working life partner with Xamk. Also, receiving discounts to events, products and courses was important.

The alumni considered trainee positions as the most important benefit of the alumni programme to their current place of work. The second most important was thesis work and a channel to post vacancies was third.

The most interesting training for alumni was Masters’ Degree Programmes. The second most interesting was a continuing education and third was specialist courses.

The alumni considered e-mail as the best way to communicate. The second most popular choice was via the website. Facebook group and the Facebook page were also important. Less important were Snapchat and Twitter.

When asked about the type of events the alumni would prefer, the most popular choice was smaller gatherings with own field of study. The second most popular were larger events within the town.