The results of the arrival enquiry stay on the same level as the year before. The most significant change is with personal study plans: this autumn 95 % of the students answered they have had a possibility to make a personal study plan, when in last academic year it was 92%. 83% students answered they have had a personal study plan discussion with their teacher, when last year 80% did.

The best results (means of all the claims among the degree programmes were:

  • Degree Programme in Social Services, Mikkeli 4,1
  • Degree Progamme in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, Kouvola 3,8
  • Degree Programme in Electrical and Automation Engineering, Mikkeli 3,8
  • Degree Programme in Civic Activities and Youth Work, Mikkeli 3,8

The best means in the enquiry where (the mean last year in parenthesis)

  • The co operation with the students 3,9 (4)
  • The co-operation with the staff 3,7 (3,7)
  • My education has a pleasant and functional learning environment 3,6 (3,6).

The most risen mean was:

  • The usability of the student intranet Student 3,5 (3,4).

The weakest mean was:

  • Student tutors have been of help at the beginning of the students 3,1 (3,0). This was also the claim which got the lowest mean also last year, now the mean has risen though

The most fallen mean was:

  • At the moment I am a satisfied student 3,4 (3,5)

If a person answered that he/she is not a satisfied student, the most common reasons for that were challenging timetables in studies and life, too many/too unclear personal and group assignments at the same time, stress or feeling that a student does not get enough support, guiding or feedback from teachers.

When asked about how to enchance the starting info in studies, the most common things mentioned were

  • To organise all infos to fit into shorter period of time or at the other hand to organise infos by spreading them to longer period of time (eg. not all the info on one day)
  • To give more info already before the first actual day at the campus
  • To hand out some paper or digital material to support info
  • To give more information about recognising of prior learning and how to accelerate studies

When asked about the athmosphere of the studies the open feedback was mainly very positive.

Student feedback is a part of quality enhancing

The results of the arrival enquiry will be discussed in Xamk’s Educational Board and in the development forums of the departments. Information gathered through this enquiry helps to enhance degree programmes and guiding of students in Xamk. The enquiry

Students answer this enquiry in their first semester at the beginning of the studies. In autumn 2018 a total of 952 Bachelor Degree students answered the enquiry which is 69% of first year bachelor students.

The assessment scale was 1 = poorly, 2 = moderately, 3 = well, 4=very well, 5= excellently and 0 = I don’t know.