The students were very satisfied to learning environment, feedback and assessment, study content, teaching and planning studies and councelling.

The graduand feedback questionnaire is a national enquiry. The students answer to the questionnaire approximately three weeks before graduation.

This questionnaire is divided into seven sections, which are: background information, teaching and learning, internationality, multiculturalism, and language studies, career services and connections with the working life, practical training, thesis, general satisfaction. The answers will be used in the development of the operations of universities of applied sciences (UAS).

The scale was 1 = completely disagree, 4 = neither agree nor disagree, and 7 = completely agree.

Total 198 students answered the graduand feedback questionnaire during year 2018. The response rate was 96%. The total mean of the questionnaire was 5.3, which was same as last year. A total mean for all university of applied sciences were 5.4.

The best total mean was in degree programme in business operations in forestry, Mikkeli (6.1) and a second best was in degree programme in hospitality management, Mikkeli (5.8).

The best means in the questionnaire (the mean of last year in parenthesis).

  • Learning environment. Mean 5.5 (5.5) and mean for all UAS 5.4.
  • Feedback and assessment. Mean 5. 5 (5.4) and mean for all UAS 5.4.
  • Study content. Mean 5.3 (5.2) and mean for all UAS 5.2.
  • Teaching. Mean 5.6 (5.5) and mean for all UAS 5.7.
  • Planning studies, counselling. Mean 5.4 (5.3), and mean for all UAS 5.5.

Weakest mean

  • Career services. Mean was 3.9 (4.0), mean for all UAS 4.0.
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