The coronavirus epidemic has reached the spreading stage in Kymsote hospital district in Kymenlaakso and the acceleration stage in Essote hospital district in South Savo. As a result of the new recommendations and restrictions introduced by the hospital district authorities, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences is expanding its decision to switch to remote teaching in theoretical studies also to Mikkeli campus, along with the previously announced Kotka and Kouvola. Remote learning on these three campuses will continue until the end of the year.

All theoretical instruction on Xamk’s Mikkeli campus will be provided remotely between 7 and 31 December 2020.

Laboratory work, simulations and other practical exercises will be organised in accordance with the plans made earlier, and anyone participating in these must wear a mask. The sports facilities on Mikkeli campus will be closed.

Remote teaching on Xamk’s Kotka and Kouvola campuses will also continue until 31 December 2020.

The Exam rooms for electronic examinations on campuses will remain open. New instructions concerning different ways to organise maturity tests will be published soon. Exams may also be arranged on campus, if absolutely necessary, by decision of the Director of Education. In these situations, safe distances must be observed and appropriate protection must be worn.

On Savonlinna campus teaching continues in line with the hybrid model.


Xamk will not organise events in which the number of participants exceeds the limits or recommendations given by the authorities.

  • Kouvola: 10 persons
  • Kotka: 10 persons
  • Mikkeli: 20 persons
  • Savonlinna: 50 persons

The limits concerning public events do not apply to instruction.

Travelling to campuses to work or study

Travelling to Xamk campuses for working or studying is possible also from areas that have reached the spreading stage. No free-time travel is recommended.



You can find all Xamk’s guidelines on studying and working during coronavirus pandemic here.