All theoretical instruction on Xamk’s campuses in Kotka and Kouvola will be provided remotely between 30 November and 15 December 2020. This applies both to degree and non-degree studies, including open UAS and continuing education. Laboratory work, simulations and other practical exercises will be organised in accordance with the plans made earlier, and anyone participating in these must wear a mask.

Kymenlaakso has entered the acceleration stage of the coronavirus epidemic, and there is a risk of reaching the spreading stage. The Finnish Government has today announced its recommendation that these areas switch to remote learning.

The sports facilities on Kotka and Kouvola campuses will be closed, while the library services and Exam rooms (updated 27 Nov) will remain open.

Xamk’s restaurant services continue to be available in Restaurants Paja (Kouvola) and Junnu (Kotka) during this time. However, changes to the services may be introduced.

On Mikkeli and Savonlinna campuses, teaching continues in line with the hybrid model.

Hybrid model to continue until March

Earlier this week, Xamk made a decision to continue the current hybrid model of teaching until 7 March 2021 on all campuses. Kotka and Kouvola campuses will also switch back to the hybrid model on 16 December.

The following groups will attend contact teaching from January 2021:

  • groups starting their studies in January 2021 (with some exceptions; see below)
  • groups that started in autumn 2020.

As an exception to the above, students who started in autumn 2020 or are starting in January 2021 in the following degree programmes will study remotely until further notice: Information Technology, Environmental Engineering, Digital International Business, International Business Management.

The following groups will study remotely from January 2021:

  • groups that started in January 2020 and
  • all groups that started before January 2020.

Practical instruction, including simulations, laboratory work, Paja workshop exercises and similar, will be organised on campus in accordance with the respective plans. Anyone participating in these must wear a mask. Theoretical instruction for continuing students is arranged remotely until further notice.

Work tasks permitting, Xamk staff will continue to work remotely until further notice. Xamk has issued a rule under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, requiring staff members to wear a face mask on campus at all times.

Xamk also strongly urges all students to wear face masks on campus. The students can collect their cloth masks from the offices of Student Union Kaakko or from the campus info. If our students are experiencing anxiety because of the coronavirus situation or their studies are not progressing as planned, our student wellbeing services are at your disposal.

Xamk’s staff and students are urged to follow the instructions given by the authorities both on campus and in your free time to prevent coronavirus infections.