It has been discovered that on Monday 7 September, a person infected with coronavirus participated in a group exercise class on Mikkeli campus. The South Savo Social and Health Care Authority (Essote) will contact those who took part in the class (about 15 people). The exposed persons will be placed in a 14-day quarantine. 

The Board of Xamk has made the following decisions today: 

All theoretical teaching on the Mikkeli campus is temporarily transferred to remote teaching until Sunday 20 September. Only practical teaching, such as simulations and laboratory exercises, may be organised on campus and disposable mouth and nose masks provided by Xamk must be worn 

All employees of the Mikkeli campus and Active Life Lab who are able to work remotely will do so until 20 September. If it is absolutely necessary to work on campus, protective equipment (visor, surgical maskor similar) must be worn. 

The sports and hobby groups on the Mikkeli campus are cancelled and the gym and other sports and hobby facilities are closed until 20 September.  

Mikkeli campus library is closed until 20 September.  

Employees from other Xamk campuses must not visit Mikkeli campus and the employees of Mikkeli campus must not visit other Xamk campuses. 

The students will receive more specific information about the new teaching arrangements from their course teachers. 

Please follow the official safety instructions also on freetime events. 

The situation is being monitored and, if necessary, new updates will be made. 

The South Savo Social and Health Care Authority, Essote, has tightened its recommendations in the Mikkeli area. Face masks are recommended to be worn when using any form of public transportation and whenever it is difficult to maintain safe distance to others. Good hand and cough hygiene is now even more important than under normal circumstances. It is also recommended to avoid all social contacts on freetime. 

You can find all Xamk’s guidelines on studying and working during coronavirus pandemic here.