Situation in Savonlinna 

A recording of the info session (2 February) given by Sosteri, East Savo Hospital District, to Xamk staff and students on the coronavirus situation in Savonlinna can be viewed by the staff and students (link in Intranet). The session was led by Chief Physician Esa Ruuskanen and Infectious Disease Nurse Tarja Demirci from Sosteri, and it was organised because the number of coronavirus infections and quaranteed people is currently high. Cooperation between Sosteri and Xamk has been good. In order to make the coronavirus situation settle soon, it is now essential that everybody follows the instructions carefully.  

Sosteri further recommends that all persons, also those who don’t have any symptoms, who took part in the student event held in Savonlinna on 26 January 2021 should self-isolate themselves until they are ordered to enter official quarantine based on infection tracing. Anyone having symptoms is advised to get tested immediately. 

As Sosteri’s coronavirus helpline is currently very busy, it is recommended to use the Omaolo service instead. Log in, and explain that you were at the Beats Club / study at Xamk.  The infectious disease nurse also reminded that the replies, for example the coronavirus test time, are also given through the Omaolo service, so you should remember to check them there. The chief physician emphasised that you must not under any circumstances withhold information; if you were at the Beats Club, you must tell about this because we are dealing with a very serious matter. 

The info session recording also includes practical advice by Sosteri about isolation and quaratine, also for people living in the same apartment, and about the use of masks when it is possible to return to campus.  

As previously stated, the students of Xamk’s Savonlinna campus will study remotely until 15 February. All campus services are also closed until then. Similarly, Xamk students’ practical training periods at Sosteri have been suspended until 15 February.  Sosteri will decide on the lifting/continuation of restrictions in the acceleration area well in advance of that date. 

Sosteri’s news releases can be followed at (in Finnish). Sosteri also maintains and updates a list of exposure places (in Finnish) on their website. 

Savonlinnan Seudun Ohjaamo helps and supports Xamk students, also during the period of quarantine. News on Student (in Finnish). Further information on the possibility of food deliveries will be provided on Thursday. Xamk’s own student wellbeing services, and the services provided by the church parish are also available. 

Remote teaching continues until the end of February in Kotka and Kouvola 

In line with the recommendation (in Finnish) issued by Kymsote on 3 February, students of Xamk’s Kotka and Kouvola campuses will study remotely until 28 February. Simulation and laboratory exercises and Paja workshop training are arranged on campus, using the required protection. 

International exchange interrupted

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) recommends educational institutions to temporarily interrupt all short-term student exchanges from abroad to Finland and from Finland abroad. The recommendation only concerns new student exchanges due to start from this day onwards. Xamk follows THL’s recommendation, and a separate news release on this has been issued.

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