The group sizes in laboratory and simulation exercises and other necessary contact teaching have raised discussion at Xamk.  On 17 March, Xamk’s Management Team decided that practical teaching (practical exercises, simulations, laboratory work and Paja workshop exercises) in both full-time and blended programmes will continue to be arranged as contact teaching in groups.  All participants must take care of their own safety and the safety of others by using a mouth-nose mask, keeping a two-metre distance from others and maintaining good hand and coughing hygiene.

However, in the simulation instruction of blended programmes in social and health care, the group size is limited to 6 students. The simulation exercises in this field are of a special nature, because they involve close contact with other people during nursing and treatment procedures. The group size decision was made since students in blended degree programmes do not meet each other frequently and come to contact teaching from many different locations. Full-time students, on the other hand, interact with each other on a more regular basis.

All teaching instructions also apply to continuous learning (open university of applied sciences and continuing education).

Further updates to the instructions next week

According to Xamk’s instructions, all students are currently doing their theoretical studies remotely: In Mikkeli and Savonlinna, until 28 March; in Kotka and Kouvola, until 31 March.

Decisions on the teaching arrangements after this will be made by the Management Team at its meeting on 24 March. By then, national guidelines concerning the situation will be available, and Xamk will base its decision on these.

Information on international exchange for the summer and autumn will also be announced on 24 March.


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