Xamk is currently studying how different surface materials affect the wellbeing and spatial experience of people. The research is part of the project Welfare Innovations from Wood.
In preparation for the research, two spaces were designed and built of massive wood, the shape and form of which were as far removed from everyday environments as possible. The spaces are otherwise identical but have different interior surface materials.

“This setting makes the research frame unique. The spaces, named Char Pavilions, were designed and built specifically for this research. The aim is that the design and structure of the spaces allow us to make the best out of the materials”. Says Project Manager Matti Kilpiäinen, who is in charge of the construction of the Char Pavilions.

“What we find interesting is whether the positive effects of materials can be identified and isolated and used to develop even more comfortable spaces and environments”. States Arto Pesola, Director of Active Life Lab, the research unit responsible for the well-being measurements.


Participants wanted for the research

Xamk is looking for participants for the research to evaluate the features and suitability of different surface materials.

“Participants play a key role in the research. We hope to get dozens of participants during July, August and September. Participants must be at least 18 years old, and no previous experience or knowledge on the subject is required. The participation takes approximately 45 minutes.” says Research Assistant Juho Koski, who is responsible for the practical implementation of the measurements.

Participants will stay in the Pavilions, complete a simple tasks, and provide feedback by answering questions. At the same time, the participants are measured for stress reactions, among other things, to identify the effectiveness of different materials on a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. You can sign up for the research at https://activelifelab.fi/research/

The measurements are carried out by Active Life Lab, a research unit specialised in wellbeing.

The charring of the exterior surfaces of the Pavilions was carried out as part of Xamk’s Puupihi project.

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