South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) starts selling micro courses implemented in English in its new Xamk Pulse online store. The courses, aimed at the international education market, are part of Xamk’s education export activities.

The micro courses are short, paid online courses implemented in English.They consist of learning modules that include short videos, automated learning tasks and other digital material.

Xamk micro courses are available in online store and implemented in the Claned learning environment. The price of one course is 8.99 euros.

“The first published micro courses focus on personal wellbeing and environmental actions.  In the future, Xamk’s micro course production will be multidisciplinary and continuous. The first micro courses include, for example, the Become an eco-warrior course, which allows any of us to increase our skills and knowledge of the environmental effects of our actions, for better or worse. With the help of micro courses, we have created the best possible conditions for learning new things in a self-directed digital learning environment”, says eLearning Coordinator Tiina Parkkonen.

Each micro course is produced in a team involving experts from various fields. This model developed by Xamk enables high-quality and effective production of courses.

“Each course includes producers responsible for aspects such as pedagogy and video production. Our general goal is to involve professional expertise from as many fields as possible in course development. Each micro course is a customised package with carefully constructed elements, such as interactive content, pedagogy and graphic design”, says Pekka Pulkkinen, Project Manager responsible for micro course productions.

In the future, Xamk will expand its online store and also open it for other Finnish higher education institutions and partners.

Micro courses and the new online store are part of Xamk’s education export activities, also aimed at making the course selection more international. International activities are one of Xamk’s strategic focus areas.

“There is a demand for education around the world, but especially in Asia and Africa, where the population is growing and prospering faster than the local education supply is increasing. This opens up opportunities for Xamk. In addition, we have also identified a market niche in Eastern Europe,” says CEO and President Heikki Saastamoinen.

Xamk Pulse is a package of lifelong learning that includes not only micro courses but also Xamk’s Open University of Applied Sciences and continuing education.

Additional information:

Heikki Saastamoinen, CEO and President, tel. +358 50 312 5151, Heikki.Saastamoinen (at)

Pekka Pulkkinen, Project Manager, +358 40 630 0341, Pekka.Pulkkinen (at)