The South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Xamk launches a C3E Synesthesia competition (20.1.-31.3.2020) to visualize music for the Mikkeli Music Festival 2020. This C3E competition is open to everyone. We welcome young promising designers and artists!

The task is to visualize the Symphony No. 3 in C major, Op. 52, by Jean Sibelius in such a way that each movement forms its own distinct and standalone artwork. The candidates can participate by either visualizing only one, two or all the three parts. Each part will be assessed and evaluated separately. All art forms are welcome, provided that the final piece of work can be presented in a video format (mp4).

The term Synesthesia refers to a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. In other words, music can stimulate a visual experience. This competition is looking for propositions of storytelling and dramaturgy inspired by Sibelius’ music, which is the very basis of the synesthetic phenomena. What kind of mental images, colors, shapes and stories does it evoke? Since music is an abstract form of art, the competitors are supposed to make it visible. Visualizations entirely inspired and based on the source music are still rather rare in the Finnish concert halls.

More info:


Please submit your proposal / visualization by 31.3.2020 4 pm in mp4 format or as a link to your work at


The jury of the Synesthesia competition consists of experts from both Finland and Russia.


The Prize and the Winners

The winning visualizations will be performed in a live concert, the Finnish Fantasia, at the XXIX Mikkeli Music Festival on the 12th of July 2020 at 7 pm at the Concert and Congress Hall Mikaeli in Mikkeli. The Youth Symphony Orchestra Vivo will be conducted by Mr. Erkki Lasonpalo. The first part of the concert consists of The Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68, also known as the Pastoral Symphony, composed by Ludwig van Beethoven, and visualized with themes from the Finnish nature by OiOi. The three movements of the Sibelius’ 3rd Symphony will be visualized by the winners of this competition. The Finnish Fantasy is a tribute to the legendary Disney Fantasy by Walt Disney in 1940.

The Winner receives a prize of 1000 euros. In addition, the names of the winning visualization will be printed on the Mikkeli Music Festival’s festival book and shown in the end credits of the concert.

The winners of the competition will be mentored by OiOi throughout the creative process in order to finalize their work into the concert format. The C3E-project pays for the participants’ travel, hotel accommodation and daily allowance during the mentoring workshops.


The Mikkeli Music Festival holds back their right to abstain from choosing any of the visualizations if not regarded suitable or high enough artistic quality. Regardless of that, the best visualization within the competition will be rewarded with the prize.


OiOi Collective Oy

OiOi is a Mikkeli based business specializing in digital immersive installations and products in physical spaces. OiOi renders the physical spaces interactive by using digital methods and creating experiences rich in meaning. Using their platforms and interfaces, the audience can modify their surroundings in real time with movement, gestures, touch or their mobile devices. OiOi solutions are always designed and built cost-effectively and can be tailored to fit the commissioners’ needs. Their artistic touch can be felt at the Aukio at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport T3-terminal, in various museums, such as the Moomin Museum, Music Museum FAME, The Muisti Centre of War and Peace and the virtual forest at the University of Eastern Finland Faculty of Science and Forestry Borealis-building. OiOi was founded by Mr. Antti Kaukinen and Mr. Sami Kämppi, who serve as mentors in the C3E Synesthesia competition.


In the Contents for Cross-Cultural Events, C3E –project, the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Xamk, collaborates during 2018-2021 with the Saint Petersburg University of Technology and Design, SPbSUITD and the Institute for Cultural Programs, ICP as well as a wide network of stakeholder festivals, theatres and cultural actors within South-Eastern Finland and the wider St. Petersburg region. C3E is funded by the South-Eastern Finland – Russia CBC 2014-2020 programme.


Additional information:

Teemu Laasanen, Festival Director, Mikkeli Music Festival,
Sami Kämppi, CEO, OiOi,
Heini Haapaniemi, C3E-Project Manager, Xamk



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