Finland strongly condemns Russia’s military actions in Ukraine and will respond to Russia’s actions as part of the European Union. While there is no military threat against Finland, the situation raises concern and emotions. The war may also affect members of the Xamk community on a personal level.

The students and staff of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences represent more than 60 nationalities. Currently, there are no Xamk students or staff members on an international exchange in Ukraine.

Students are recommended not to go to Ukraine, Russia or Belarus on an exchange or for practical training. Also, no work-related trips by staff members are made to these countries.

In this situation, Xamk, together other Finnish higher education institutions, will act in a uniform way as part of the European Union, observing the common policy. We monitor and follow the guidelines by the Finnish government on how to cooperate with Russia. At the moment, we are not preparing or launching any new project work or cooperation with Russia.

During this crisis, Xamk and the entire Finland support the independent Ukrainian country and its people.  Within the Xamk community, we will offer support to all our students and staff members, irrespective of citizenship or nationality. We will not tolerate any harassment associated with citizenship or nationality at our university of applied sciences.


Support from student wellbeing services, university chaplains and harassment advisers

If you feel worried or anxious about the situation in Ukraine, don’t hesitate to seek help and support from Xamk’s student wellbeing services. You’ll find the contact information on Lux intranet.(requires login)

You can also talk to the university chaplains or other church contact persons. See the contact information on Lux intranet.(requires login)

If you are subject to harassment or other inappropriate behaviour, you can contact the harassment advisers at Student Union Kaakko.  If you want to report your observations anonymously, you can also use Xamk’s incident reporting tool Incy.

Also see the tips by Nyyti ry on how to deal with the feelings, fears and concerns caused by war.