We will donate 10,000 euros to the Finnish Red Cross. At the same time, we are inviting everyone at Xamk to express their support by contributing to the fundraising we have established.

Our staff members have submitted several support measure proposals, and we would like to thank everyone for these. Providing financial support directly to the crisis area, for example by donating money to the Disaster Relief Fund of the Finnish Red Cross, is a good way to help. This way, we can also make sure the donation goes to the right place. If you are thinking about other ways to help Ukrainians, see the guidelines by the Finnish Ministry of the Interior.

How to express solidarity?

As a member of the higher education community, we oppose the war together with other higher education institutions. We can express our solidarity for Ukraine for example by using a common background picture at Teams meetings, showing the Xamk logo in the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

More information about how the situation affects Xamk’s activities

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