5 reasons why you should choose Xamk as a place to study


It’s Finland baby

Finland has been declared as the happiest country on this planet. Is it true? Of course, not, there is no happy place until you make one for yourself and Finland might become this small spot just for you, you will never know until you try it out. Finland does have its own pros and cons. Yes, it’s cold, windy, the beer is quite expensive, but that’s not what matter! (it does a bit to me, like its October and it snows, it’s crazy, mate). “There are only three ways to motivate a person – money, fear and hunger” (Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation). How does that even relate to the topic? It does not, just wanted to put it here, but if being serious, this quote does have a bit of sense in it.  Choose Finland, study well, and get a good job in the EU. That is a guide how to make any Russian come over here, but it’s not that easy for any student from EU or a Finnish high-schooler. This amazing Nordic country will amaze you from the very begging of your stay, trust me. The air is amazingly fresh and outside is cleaner than teeth of American actors. People are quite shy in the beginning, but as soon as you get to know Finnish people, you get stroked by their sense of humour and love to love people around.

Did I convince you to choose Finland? Probably not, but we still have four-point to go through, so get ready for more awesome points and references and unnecessary jokes, because the author can.

Xamk’s grants

Money, money, money again. This point will mostly convince only those who were spawned in an area with enemies’ high levels from the very beginning (talking of non-EU countries here). You don’t have an EU passport, your butt is not being kissed from the moment when you were born and you don’t get grant and money just for existing, well welcome to the club buddy! If you are from any CIS countries, India or Asia, we all on the same boat here, you want to find a university that would provide with good education, future opportunities and another point that will be discussed later, and at the same time, the education price would not bankrupt your parent’s bank account. Xamk gives you this opportunity, the price for the one academic year is 6 000 and its fairly good price, but that’s not the best part, the best part is the grant that you can get just for passing your compulsory studies, that you would have anyway, the grant gives you your 50 % investment back! It’s not a sales pitch and it does sound tempting, isn’t it?

The most creative and exciting ways to study

Yes, Finland isn’t the most exciting and fun country, but still Finnish sense of humour will be better than German anyway… Even though Helsinki is the most boring city in Europe (Google it, its official now) , but teachers, students and people surrounding you create the atmosphere and in Xamk you will get a bunch of fun friends that will motivate you to study and develop with them.

Given opportunities

Internships, meetings with huge Finnish businesses, lectures given by successful business people/artists depending on the program you choose. All the mentioned are available for you over here. You could read more on those on the official Xamk website.

Leave your comfort zone

As mention before, the country is cold and people are shy in the beginning, doesn’t it sound like a challenge? Everyone likes to challenge himself occasionally and, in your age, (I would guess it’s from 17 to 23) it’s the best time to put yourself outside of your comfort zone and face it all. Obviously you will still depend on your parent’s money, but the amount of free time here you easily allows you to find a part-time job, I am sure you are well aware of the salaries in Finland, so the amount you earn here is comfortable enough.

– Dmitry Kozyukov, Business Administrator student and Student Ambassador at Xamk



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