Anna Ryndina originally hails from Russia and lives now in her favourite Finnish town called Kouvola. She loves the green town and it’s friendly folks. Read Anna’s story: why did she chose Xamk in the first place and what are her career plans in the near future. 

Hi Anna! What made Finland stand out as your study destination?

Since my childhood I used to travel to Finland every summer with my family. I really loved well-groomed nature, clean air and cosy towns, especially in Kymenlaakso region. That is why when I found out that Finnish Universities provide an opportunity to study on bachelor’s programmes in English language and receive one of the best high educations in the world, I made my choice.

Why Xamk is so special that you decided to study over here?

Xamk was my prioritised University since the beginning. I’ve chosen International Business programme, because I’m interested in developing in this field in the future. Besides, Xamk has a very convenient location for travelling in one of my favourite Finnish cities – Kouvola. Last but not least, I received positive feedback from graduators of Xamk about their great experience in this University of Applied Sciences. Therefore, I was confident about my choice.

So what has been the best part in your studies so far?

In my opinion, one of the best parts of being a student at Xamk is because it provides infinite opportunities for developing.

There are many startup projects such as StartUp Passion or InnoCamp, entrepreneurial societies such as PatterES and extra curriculum activities such as Insider Student Magazine.


It’s only up on students’ motivation and activism to choose activities that they prefer and improve their skills.

What about teaching – tell us little bit about that? What about practical orientation?

Teachers at Xamk are very helpful and supportive. Moreover, many of them are from different countries, and this makes studying process even more diverse and entertaining. In addition, Xamk has one of the biggest R&D departments comparing to other Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences, and that’s possible for students to work on many entrepreneurial projects as well as have Practical training at Xamk.

How does Xamk provide you with support, advice and guidance?

In my opinion, one of the best thing in Xamk University are people. Teachers and students are amazing and helpful!

I’ve never met so many educated, polite and friendly people under one roof.


That’s such a great way to share our experiences with each other, work on the same projects and participate in student activities together. You can always find hep if you need it!

Do you think that the programme gives you skills you need in working life?

One of the best advantages of Xamk is that its educational approach is focused not only on teaching students, but also providing an opportunity for them to apply their knowledge.

Since 1st studying year Business students closely cooperate with local companies while working on school assignments.

What motivated you in your studies? Can you give any good tips?

I think one of the best motivations for me is seeing happy students and local people around me learning, working and living their best lives! Environment in Finland, and of course in Kouvola, is very inspiring. Once you stop and look around – you can easily find a motivation to work hard and become part of this amazing society!

What kinds of plans do you have in the near future? What are your career plans?

Even though summer 2020 is one of the most challenging seasons in a long time, I am planning to have my practical training and start writing my thesis, and of course, enjoy summer holidays!

Thank you Anna for the interview. All the best to your studies!

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