Quynh Anh Vu (but everybody calls her Daisy in Finland) is a 2nd year international business student at Xamk. She was born in a small village near Hanoi, Vietnam and fell in love with Finland when she was only 10 years old. The biggest reason why she chose Finland as a study destination was the education system which is one of the best in the world.

Hi Daisy. What made Finland stand out as your study destination?

I was born in a small village in the suburb of Hanoi, Vietnam. There are many old social prejudices and customs. However, since I was a little girl, my parents have encouraged me to go out to see the world and have my own voice. When I was 10 years old, I first heard about Finland and then nurtured my dream to go there one day.

The biggest reason why I choose Finland is the advanced education system and the high standard of life. As the land of lakes is a country focuses on the value of equality, integrity, and openness, I feel even more motivated. I am the type of person who enjoys peace, thus Finnish picturesque nature, fresh air, and its general stability are things that literally make Finland stand out from other destinations.

Well after 2 years studying in Finland, I would say that’s the best decision I’ve made so far. It totally changed my whole life and all of my experience is invaluable!

Why Xamk is so special that you decided to study over here?

When I searched for International Business program on the field of study in Finland, studyinfo.fi, XAMK is one of the names that appeared in the search results. I then found out more descriptions on the official XAMK website. I considered the curriculum is appropriate and the environment is ideal, so I decided to apply.

So what has been the best part in your studies so far?

The best part of my studying abroad journey is that I can accumulate certain knowledge and practical skills from university as well as build up friendships with friends all over the world. I have learned a lot from them, who come from different cultures and then had an appreciation for all different perspectives. I’m grateful as my networking actually broadens a door for my future opportunities.

What about teaching – tell us little bit about that? What about practical orientation?

Teachers are always full of enthusiasm and willing to support students, even with some little things such as not knowing how to print documents or sharing with you when you get culture shock. The teaching method is great and effective, I would say. Teaching in Xamk focus on self-education and that method actually helps me to escape from my old-way thinking. Teachers are always available to support you but as a “mentor”. Students will not only listen to what the teacher said in class but have to work in groups, discuss and learn from peers and develop our knowledge by reflecting what they’ve gained so far. There are no “certain standard” answers. All comments and opinions are appreciated. The bias that never happens in the study as all students are equal.

As a university of applied sciences, Xamk gives me the real practical knowledge and skills needed for my future career. Especially, I have a course named Professional Growth from 1st year until graduating, which directly consults and orients my personal plan for studying, graduating and working life. I feel so lucky to be here as the school is actively supporting us in many ways, such as providing potential opportunities to connect with potential companies in Finland for internship.

How does Xamk provide you with support, advice and guidance?

Xamk provides me the qualified and modern facilities, nice corners and co-working spaces to study alone or in groups. We can always get help around and outside the campus when needed. Finnish people are the kindest, I have to say. Besides, we as international community friends always take care of each other.

Do you think that the programme gives you skills you need in working life? What is the best part in your programme?

Absolutely yes. All the courses are updated, practical and give me a certain foundation in Business and Marketing. A great reward for studying at XAMK is that XAMK always provides potential opportunities such as Startup camp, networking, local companies, social knowledge, etc to students by events, online forums,… Comparing to other UAS, I think we have lots of ideal projects and an active environment to participate and develop. This definitely gives me an advantage when applying for a job because of not only knowledge but also my practical experience and skills gained during studying time.

What motivated you in your studies? Can you give any good tips?

My motivation comes from a lot of sources, such as my friends, my family and of course myself. I think self-motivation is the most important, as I always determine to be my own better version day after day.

What kinds of plans do you have in the near future? What are your career plans?

As becoming a senior next year, I’ll concentrate on my graduation. Followed my plan, I’ll complete my second internship and thesis writing by the end of May 2021.

My all the time favorite saying is “In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.”  Thus, I’m not intending to go back home right away. After graduating, I’ll spend one year as my gap-year meanwhile actively searching for a job in Finland. During that year, I’d love to explore beautiful Nordic and Europe, participate in some volunteer projects, meet new people, try different types of jobs, then write down my journey experiences to memorize,  and find an answer for what I truly want.

Thank you Daisy!

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