Online-oriented part-time studies

  • study places 30
  • location Mikkeli, Finland
  • duration of studies 3,5 years
  • next application period: joint application 4.-18.1.2023
  • tuition fee: for non-EU/EEA citizens 9700 euros,
    scholarship scheme and further information

Are you interested in business and wellbeing? During your studies in the Degree Programme in Wellbeing Management, you learn to develop and produce data-based wellbeing services utilizing state-of-art technology.

The goal of wellbeing services is to promote people’s quality of life, health and ability to work. The demand for wellbeing services is increasing, which has created a need to assess the suitability and effectiveness of different services in various situations and for different target groups.  

Physical exercise and health have an important role in people’s functional capacity. With the help of technology, it is easier today to measure and assess the scope and quality of one’s wellbeing. Measurements produce data that helps to create new services to support one’s wellbeing, health, and functional capacity. This, in turn, will open new business opportunities.   

In order to meet the demand described above, the Degree Programme in Wellbeing Management was established.

The Degree Programme in Wellbeing Management provides skills for measuring wellbeing and health with the help of state-of-the-art technology. You learn how to use the obtained information in developing and producing services and business opportunities closely related to wellbeing.  In other words, the studies combine the acquisition of data with business-related topics. 

Commercial and business aspects are essential in the Wellbeing Management studies. You learn how to use wellbeing and health promoting technology in business environments. The studies provide you with a solid basis for starting your own business or working in expert positions.    

After your graduation, you will be able to: 

  • identify and coordinate the service needs for promoting wellbeing 
  • develop and implement data-based wellbeing services 
  • acquire and assess wellbeing services based on data 
  • identify the opportunities of profitable wellbeing business 
  • operate in an entrepreneurial manner and start your own business 
  • operate in an international working environment. 

The studies are implemented in close cooperation with various companies, including projects commissioned by the said companies. This allows you to create networks, which will be beneficial after graduation. 

Studies can be mostly completed online

Wellbeing Management studies can be completed either in Finnish or in English. As all courses are taught fully bilingually, you can study in either language.   

The first year of studies is entirely implemented online, focusing on the basics of measuring wellbeing indicators. The first-year studies also help you to develop your business management skills and acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of wellbeing.  

The second year of studies is mostly organised online. Only two courses related to Active Life Lab environment require attendance on Mikkeli Campus. During the second year, you work with different customer groups, perform measurements of wellbeing indicators with them and assess the effectiveness of wellbeing services. This way, the first-year studies that were focused on business management are combined with data acquisition carried out in Active Life Lab and assessment of the effectiveness of wellbeing services. In addition, you have the opportunity to complete your practical training period in Active Life Lab and participate in RDI activities.     

The third-year studies are flexible and are entirely organised online. During the last year of studies, you can complete your practical training and write your thesis either in Mikkeli or in another location that suits you and meets the objectives of your studies.    

Active Life Lab

Active Life Lab is a leading research and development centre of wellbeing services operating at Saimaa Stadiumi, a new and inspiring study environment designed specifically for group work and commissioned assignments. 

  • Wellbeing measurement lab provides facilities to measure users’ level of activity with location-based technology and, for example, respond to long-term passiveness. The premises include a virtual reality space which allows to measure the effects of nature and culture on wellbeing.  
  • Smart gym houses equipment that individually monitors users’ development and offers the optimal exercise load to achieve and ensure the best results.  
  • Equipment in the exercise test area is brand new, featuring physiological measurement and virtual reality equipment. The lab has a treadmill with an attached screen to display different obstacles and gamified content.   

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The structure of studies

The studies consist of core and complementary competence courses. All the students take the same core competence courses which include the basics of the profession and degree. Complementary competence courses include courses that you choose based on your own interest either in your own or other fields.

The structure of studies:

  • Core competence 150 ECTS
  • Complementary competence 15 ECTS
  • Practical training 30 ECTS
  • Bachelor’s thesis 15 ECTS

Core competence study modules:

  • Holistic wellbeing
  • Wellbeing entrepreneurship and environments
  • Customer oriented selling of services
  • Development of wellbeing servisec
  • Data-driven business
  • Competences for wellbeing producer
  • Management of wellbeing busineses

The practical training period (30 ECTS credits) takes one term. The bachelor’s thesis covers 15 ECTS credits.

The aim is to gain 30 ECTS credits every term. 

The first year of studies allows you to familiarise with the key concepts of wellbeing, the operational environment of wellbeing services, and the management of wellbeing data. The studies also include different areas of business operations, and the marketing and selling of wellbeing services. All first-year studies are fully completed online.  

During the second year, you learn more about the effectiveness of wellbeing services, the development of user-driven services, and data-based business operations. In addition, you become familiar with international business operations, learn research, development and innovation (RDI) skills and study the methods commonly used in research and development. The second-year studies are mostly completed online. Only two courses related to Active Life Lab require attendance on Mikkeli Campus.  

The third-year studies include practical projects dedicated to producing services and events. You also become familiar with the management of wellbeing services and business operations.   The third-year studies are fully completed online.  

Practical training always involves work in expert positions in the field of wellbeing, and the professional networks created in the earlier phases of your studies help you find a suitable practical training place. As for the thesis, the topic should be commissioned by a company, organization or other non-profit party operating in the field of wellbeing. The thesis writing process allows you to make good use of the RDI competence gained during your second year of studies, and the topic can relate to the operation of the company for which you completed your practical training.     

Xamk has extensive partner networks all around the world, and our international experts help you find suitable practical training or international exchange options if you wish to spend some of your study-time abroad. 

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

According to Xamk’s BYOD policy, students must bring and use their own devices on campus. More information is available on Xamk website.

Active Life Lab

Active Life Lab, a unique environment for high-quality research and development on wellbeing service.

Active Life Lab at Saimaa Stadiumi, in Mikkeli will be an important part of your studies. In Saimaa Stadiumi area you can for example play ice-hockey and football, ice-skate and ski, and do orienteering or track & field sports there, together with many options of indoor games.

Active Life Lab

  • The virtual reality space includes technology to test how different environments, such as nature environments or a new office layout, affect people’s wellbeing. In addition, the space includes different virtual reality games and contents that are used for measuring and promoting the cognition and memory of neurological patients as well as those of healthy people. 
  • The devices at the smart gym automatically track and adapt the training programmes of individuals. This information is used for optimizing the development as well as for tailoring the health promotion activities outside the smart gym. 
  • The fitness testing area includes novel equipment that makes use of virtual reality and augmented reality to improve the fitness and functionality of neurological patients, orthopedic patients, and also of healthy people. The virtual reality treadmill includes different games used for motivating the patient and for gamifying the rehabilitation or training.

BBA in Wellbeing Management in working life

The need for wellbeing services is increasing all the time, and there is also an increasing demand for service providers. 

Good communication and interaction skills are essential in producing wellbeing services. Equally important factors are customer-oriented thinking and entrepreneurial attitude, as well as a good understanding of the ways wellbeing can be promoted. 

 As a BBA in Wellbeing Management, your career opportunities include the following: 

  • services in physical activities, nutrition or health care  
  • development of health and wellbeing technologies  
  • wellbeing expert positions in the public sector  
  • event production planning and production of wellbeing services 
  • human resources or the insurance field. 

After graduation, this bachelor’s degree offers you interesting job opportunities all over the world. 

Professional positions include the following: 

  • companies offering exercisenutrition or wellbeing services 
  • companies utilizing and developing health and wellbeing technology  
  • wellbeing event production companies; planning and developing wellbeing events 
  • human resources management or   
  • insurance companies.  

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