Part-time studies

  • study places: 20
  • location: Kotka
  • duration of studies: 1,5 years
  • next application period: 18.3.-1.4.2020 (study language is Finnish)

Master School is a learning community for Master’s degree students at Xamk.



Modern high-level competences in cybersecurity

New kinds of skills and competencies are needed in working life of the future.The objective of the education is to produce modern high-level competences in the area of cybersecurity. Disruptions in the operations of our internet-based society may be fatal. Such disruptions may result from cyberattacks. These attacks may focus even on the critical infrastructures such as the following:

  • energy production and distribution
  • water systems
  • transport and communication infrastructure
  • health care and
  • financial services

New skills are needed for preventing, detecting, responding, and in case of failure, mitigating the consequences.

Completing the studies gives a strategic point of view on the importance of cybersecurity in different areas. You also become familiar with cybersecurity frameworks, standards, security management and can classify the vulnerabilities and the principles of protection. You know the cybersecurity business services and know how to carry out a security audit.

After the studies, students can apply security solutions for discovering security threats and for protecting against them. You are also able to manage countermeasures against denial-of-service attacks.

The degree programme in cybersecurity is aimed at applicants with a bachelor level degree in engineering in the field of information and communications technology, or with other equivalent degree, and also at least three years of suitable work experience after the bachelor’s degree.

Study programme is organized alternately in English or Finnish. In 2020 the study language of the programme will be in Finnish.

Structure of studies

Completing the studies, provides students with several functional cybersecurity skills, and you are able to:

  • analyze the local information systems from the attacker’s point of view
  • examine information systems to find potential attack surfaces
  • to use common tools for gathering information about the target systems
  • implement counter measures against cyberattacks
  • improve the information system security and manage the principles of application security.

You are also able to protect industrial internet systems, manage intrusion detection systems and apply counter-measures in the network infrastructure.

The studies involve a lot of practical laboratory work. All the students carry out several case studies in a virtual laboratory environment. The laboratory work can take place as distant learning.

Master’s thesis and learning tasks can be designed to develop the students’ employer organizations’ activities, benefiting both the students’ studies and the employer.

Internationalization is an important part of the education. Visiting lecturers are participating in the courses, and also international practices and examples are used during studies. The master level studies are also available to foreign students.

The studies can be completed while working full time. They are carried out through blended learning methods, including lectures and cooperative learning sessions, online learning, and project-based learning. There are on average three contact teaching days per month. The contact sessions are mainly held in Kotka.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Xamk has had a BYOD policy since the autumn of 2017. According to this policy new students starting studies at Xamk must bring and use their own devices on campus. Read more.

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