Digital Economy focus area researches and develops understanding, usage, preservation and safety of information as well as related innovations. The focus area supports entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education, and promotes the digitalization of regional businesses. The goal of operations is to make the users the core centre of information and services.

Annually, digital economy focus area cooperates with over 300 different organisations in research and development work regionally, nationally and internationally.

Spearheads of competence

Digital information management and archiving

This focus area covers the lifecycle of information from its creation to its preservation or disposal. The main goals are information authenticity, findability and usability even after long periods of time. The amount of digital data creates great challenges but also enables new possibilities and operation models, which this focus area develops and applies. Automation, datamining, visualization and sophisticated preservation solutions are key aspects in terms of successful information lifecycle management.

User-oriented services and design

This focus area brings a creative and human-centered view into the development of products and services. We aim at improving products and services by understanding customers’ needs and user experiences. We week to use collaborative methods in the development of products and services. We learn to understand the requirements better by developing experiments and measuring their outcomes.

Entrepreneurship and business development

The experts of the entrepreneurship and business development research group support the development and establishment of companies and conduct applied research related to the field. We offer support and wide-range coaching to entrepreneurs and those who aim to become entrepreneurs. Additionally, we develop the digital economy and the business-related capabilities of companies through different projects, which we conduct in cooperation with our regional, domestic and international partners.


Research Director
Noora Talsi
Tel. +358 40 648 5020

Game technology and cybersecurity

Our experts develop, study, and apply game technologies concentrating on areas such as game programming, gamification, 3D graphics, virtual reality, and augmented reality. In addition, we support game companies in their business development and internationalization activities.

In a modern society all devices and services are digital, which means that information management forms a significant part of cyber security: who has access to information, how it is managed and what ecosystem is required to ensure the solution is manageable, safe and usable. We concentrate especially on the safe operation of datacenters and on the development of virtualization services.

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