Welcome to Mikkeli!

Mikkeli is located in the Finnish Lake District and 24.1% of the area is made up of lakes. It is situated on the shore of Lake Saimaa (Greater Saimaa is 4377 sq.km), one of the three main lakes in the Finnish Lake District.

Most Finnish towns are of fairly recent origin. The history of Mikkeli dates back to the beginning of the last millennium. The town itself was established in 1838 by the order of Czar Nicholas I. In those days there was a modest of 63 inhabitants in Mikkeli. Today approximately 54 000 people live in Mikkeli and it’s surroundings.

In the course of the 20th century, Mikkeli has occupied a prominent position in Finnish history. Marshal Mannerheim established the Headquarters and the military command in Mikkeli during the Winter War (1939-40) and the Continuation War (1941-44).



The Mikkeli of today is a lively town with beautiful surroundings, modern services and a variety of events. It is the centre of a county dominated by cattle breeding, and so the food industry is strongly represented in the town. The changes and innovations in industry have influenced the town. The printing trades, new applications of technology and automatic data processing have kept the town abreast of economic life. One quarter of the population earn their living directly from industry. The connections from Mikkeli are good. You have an excellent opportunity to visit other towns nearby as well as interesting metropolises not too far away. Many foreign students visit Lapland, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Stockholm during their stay in Mikkeli. Read more information about Mikkeli!



Exchange programmes

In Mikkeli campus we offer nine programmes which are available for incoming exchange students.

  • Information technology (exchange studies and double degree)
  • Environmental engineering (exchange studies and double degree)
  • Well-being management (business) (exchange studies)
  • Tourism and service business (exchange studies and double degree)
  • Building services engineering (available next time in 2024)
  • Forestry (exchange studies)
  • Youth work (practical training)
  • Social services (practical training)
  • Health care (practical training)

In addition Finnish for beginners (5 ECTS credits) is available either as contact lectures or online studies in both autumn and spring semesters.

Mikkeli campus welcomes every year approximately 120 exchange and double degree students, and trainees. We greatly value all of our international students who add a special dimension to the environment of the university.


Orientation days

The International Services of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences welcomes the new incoming exchange students by organizing Orientation days. The purpose is to help new students to adapt to the new surroundings, introduce the tools and platforms which are used during the studies. You will also get to know tutors – people who will help you to settle down and feel comfortable.

Orientation days are normally organised during week 34 or 35 for the autumn term and week 2 for the spring term. Exact information will be notified closer to your exchange period.

The students will be introduced:

  • South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
  • International services staff
  • Tutors
  • Student services
  • Library services
  • Computer systems
  • Student registration system
  • Student e-mails
  • Living in multicultural environment, etc.

Accommodation and arrival

Mikkeli Student Housing Ltd (MOAS) is specialized in student accommodation in Mikkeli. You can send a housing application on MOAS website www.moas.fi. MOAS does it best to arrange an apartment for as many students as possible.


You can apply the accommodation as soon as you have received the letter of acceptance from Xamk. Be sure to write your email address correctly in the application form because MOAS will e-mail you when they have an apartment reserved for you.


The amount of rent varies depending on the location and size of the apartment. The rent for a shared apartment is approx. from 300 €/month upwards and for a single apartment from 405 €/month upwards. The rent includes electricity, water, internet connection and the fee for using laundry and sauna. There are also apartments with basic furniture. You can write in the application if you wish a furnished or unfurnished apartment.


The deposit fee is 300 € for a shared and single apartment. The deposit must always be paid in time to confirm the reservation. The email includes instructions for paying the deposit fee (IBAN and SWIFT). You have approximately one week time to confirm the reservation to MOAS and pay the deposit fee. Without a reply, you will lose the reserved apartment and your application will not be on the waiting list anymore. The deposit will be returned to you after moving out.

Receiving the key

The apartment keys are held inside the apartments. Student can get the key only on weekdays (Mon-Fri) between 8am and 4pm by contacting the maintenance/area janitor by phone/email in advance (e.g. a week earlier or as soon as the exact arrival date and time to MOAS/ Mikkeli are known). Key is available from the first date of the tenancy agreement or later, as student prefers. In either case, student needs to contact maintenance/area janitor in advance.

If the tenancy period begins during the weekend or on a public holiday, a new tenant can get the key on the following working day by contacting the maintenance/area janitor at the agreed time i.e. between 8am and 4pm. A new tenant must be prepared to prove his / her identity by showing a passport or identity card.

How to activate Internet-connection in the apartment? Please, have a look at it before arrival in Mikkeli!

We expect you to arrive 1 – 4 days prior to the Orientation days. Please, remember to fill in the arrival information in SoleMOVE Mobility programme as soon as you know the precise date and time of your arrival in Mikkeli.

Getting to Mikkeli


Travelling by train

You can take the train either from the airport through Tikkurila station or Helsinki main railway station.

From Helsinki airport to Mikkeli:
Take the commuter train P from the airport to Tikkurila station and change to long distance train to Mikkeli. There are two stations between Tikkurila and the airport. I and P trains stop at all stations and they run in opposite directions on the ring rail line.

From Helsinki railway station to Mikkeli:
You can check the timetables and buy the tickets to long-distance trains in the train, ticket offices in Helsinki and Tikkurila or in advance at Finnish Railways online shop.

Travelling by bus

From Helsinki bus station to Mikkeli:
Take Helsinki Region Transport bus number 615 from Helsinki airport to Helsinki railway station. From the railway station, walk to Kamppi bus station.
The distance is about 500 meters.

Tickets can be bought in the bus or Matkahuolto Travel Services service points or online. Also check the timetables and ticket prices for Onnibus company.

Please note! Mikkeli has one central station area in which all trains and buses arrive!


Non-EU/EEA and Swiss residents

As a student, you will be responsible for your illness-related expenses in Finland. For your residence permit, you will need private insurance to cover your medical and pharmaceutical expenses. The accepted students are sent the instructions of Finnish Immigration Services including information about the requested insurance.

EU/EEA and Swiss residents

You need to have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for your exchange period. In addition, you need to have personal insurance, with a full “3rd part liability and health coverage.

By presenting the European Health Insurance Card, you can prove your right to necessary medical treatment in another EU or EEA country and in Switzerland. With the card, you can get medical treatment if you become suddenly ill or have an accident. You can also get medical treatment if you have a chronic illness that requires medical attention. The card also gives access to necessary treatment during pregnancy and childbirth.

The European Health Insurance Card is recognised within the public health care services as well as by private doctors and hospitals that have signed a health insurance agreement. More information on the European Health Insurance Card can be found on the website of the European Commission.

Free time activities

What to do on your free time?


Mikkeli has plenty of different hobby and free time opportunities for students to spend an active leisure time. For students interested in sports, the town’s sport clubs offer services for student prices. You can choose from a wide variety of sports such as swimming, aerobics, tennis, basketball, floorball, football, golf etc. In Mikkeli nature is the most beautiful with good outdoor recreation areas. In winter one can do cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and ice skating.

It is also possible to see matches of the local ice hockey and football teams, or visit a trotting race. Student organisation offers their members a variety of activities ranging from rock and outdoor events to a movie club.

Mikkeli has two swimming halls; one in the centre of town and one in Rantakylä app. 5 km from the centre. If you prefer a truly Finnish experience, you can have a swim in one of the many lakes in the area. You could also visit one of the town’s museums which reflect Finland’s historical moments as Headquarters town between 1939-1945.

It is good to see something else besides Mikkeli, too. Our location gives good possibilities for that. You can easlily travel to other towns in Finland or up to North to see Lapland’s stunning landscape and experience the peaceful atmosphere. Other popular destinations are Stockholm and the capitals of Baltic states.



Woman kayaking





Bring your own device

Use of student’s own devices in studies

BYOD is an environment, which is widely used in many business and educational institutions. The BYOD environment is a collection of workstations, printing solutions, security, software, user management and so on.  For students it means that students primarily use their own devices like laptops. The new BYOD policy demands students to bring their own devices, i.e. laptops, to campus.


Student union

The student union Kaakko is a serice provider and lobbying organisation for students at Xamk. Kaakko's role is to ensure that students' voices are heard in every decision-making organ of Xamk. Together with Xamk, Kaakko arranges various leisure time activities. Kaakko is also responsible for coordinating the tutor activities and it arranges a few big parties for all students during the academic year. All exchange students are welcome to join our student union and benefit from being a student of Xamk.

Get to know Kaakko

Some tips from former exchange students

Before travelling check that all documents are in order.

Look if you can apply for scholarships or governmental support.

See if there are other students from the same university or country going to Mikkeli too, you can travel together.

Save some money to have an emergency fund during your exchange period.

Apply for an apartment on time.

Make use of all the second hand shops available in Mikkeli.

Do not buy everything you need on first day. You will notice during the first week that there are a lot of things you can share with
other exchange students! Sharing a coffee machine turned out to be a good excuse to visit your neighbour on a cold afternoon.

Keep in good contact with your parents! In some cases this is proved to be an efficient way to gather some extra money.
Oh and of course because you love them!

Maintain a good relationship with your bank! At night money usually flows out easier than at daytime!

Have fun and enjoy your exchange period as much as possible!

Contact information

To Mikkeli:


Ms Ulla Vuorinen
Patteristonkatu 3
50100 Mikkeli
+358 400 872 764


Ms Sari Kärkkäinen
Patteristonkatu 3
50100 Mikkeli
+358 50 3124988