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I chose Xamk because of the school reputation coupled with the availability of the subjects of which I had interest along with the affordability of the courses.

Zehira from the Bahamas, Xamk Open UAS online student



Business and Entrepreneurship

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Xamk Open University Introduction to Video Games Creation

Digital studies

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Xamk Open University Sexual Health and Rights

Health Care

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Learn Finnish!

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Free Online Studies! Sign up for whole 60 cr or 20 cr modules, by 18.8.

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Online studies

Online learning refers to information and communication technology-based studies. Online courses are designed to enable efficient and functional use of information networks. They are not an easy way to earn credits – online courses require just as much work as traditional classroom courses. Online courses are designed in accordance with the degree requirements of the university of applied sciences, with objectives and content similar to those of classroom courses.

Writing tasks and assignments

When studying at UAS, you will do numerous written tasks and assignments. Those assignments can be different as for their requirements. In many of them, though, you need to master proofreading, the appropriate style, layouts, and various formalities.

Text genres that you may meet are, for example, an essay, a lab report, a report on practical training, a lecture journal, a learning journal, a research plan, a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, and a maturity test.

Assessment of learning

The assessment of learning at Xamk is based on the learning outcomes (knowledge-based competence, skills-based competence, teamwork skills/leadership skills/readiness to take responsibility) of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) as well as on the university’s generic and programme-specific learning outcomes.

The teacher will explain the course assessment criteria at the beginning of a course. The assessment criteria can be found under the link below.


At the end of your open UAS studies, you will receive an official certificate. However, if you are studying our online courses, and you are not a citizen of Finland, you will receive the certificate by email in PDF-form. If you later become a full-time student at Xamk University of Applied Sciences, your studies at Open UAS can be included in your degree studies. When starting degree studies, remember to discuss the eligibility of the credit transfer with your lecturer.


Grading system

Completed courses are graded on the scale 1 – 5 or with H ”accepted”. The evaluation is carried out by the lecturers responsible for the course. Factors that affect the grading are presence at the lectures and both written and spoken assignments according to the instructions given at the beginning of each course

The following grading system is in use:

The Finnish Grading Scale (5-H) / The ECTS Grading Scale (A-F)

5 = excellent: outstanding performance with only minor errors A
4 = very good: above average but with some errors B
3 = good: generally sound work with a number of notable errors C
2 = satisfactory: fair but with significant shortcomings D
1 = sufficient: performance meets the minimum criteria E
0 = fail: some more work required before the credit can be awarded FX
0 = fail: considerable further work is required F
H = accepted

You are requested to submit student grades using the Finnish Grading Scale. It is advisable to work with percentages and then convert into the Finnish Grading Scale, i.e.

89 – 100 p. = 5 (Excellent)
77 – 88 p. = 4 (Very good)
65 – 76 p. = 3 (Good)
53 – 64 p. = 2 (Highly satisfactory)
40 – 52 p. = 1 (Satisfactory)

The student’s annual workload of 1600 hours is worth 60 ECTS credits.

Quality at Finnish Universities

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Business and Entrepreneurship

Online Business courses in English

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Xamk Open University Start-Up Passion MOOC

StartUp Passion MOOC

StartUp Passion MOOC is an interactive educational MOOC (massive open online course) on idea generation, innovating, and entrepreneurship. This MOOC will offer inspirational material and cross-border interactive experiences for participants to enhance passion for ideation, innovation and startups. Enrolment by: 15.10.2019

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Chinese Business Culture

Develop a better understanding of Chinese business behaviour through investigating facts of modern China, Chinese culture values and attitudes, communication and negotiation styles. Enrolment by: 2.9.2019

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Free Online Studies! Sign up for whole 60 cr or 20 cr modules, by 18.8.

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Information Technology and Digital Studies

Online courses on Digitality in English

Training Calendar

Introduction to video games creation

Are you interested in learning the basics of making video games and curious to understand what happens behind the scenes? This module is for you! This course will provide a beginners guide to hands on games creation. The modules stand separately with discrete deliverables but interlink so that a student completing the all ten credits will be deliver a more round and fully featured final deliverable. They can be tackled in sequence or out of sequence. The videos in this credit give an overview of the course, 2D painting, 3D modelling, and Unity development.

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Graphic Design online workshop

Learn to understand the general principles of graphic design and the technical requirements of the graphic publication process. In addition to principles of graphic design and content production, you are able to use the software needed for the graphic and page layout publication production. Enrolment by: 30.9.2019

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Basics of HTML & CSS

Learn to structure and style a website using HTML and CSS. After this course you know how to build, modify and layout content elements on a website. Enrolment by: 17.11.2019

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Health care

Online Health care courses in English

Training Calendar

Sexual Health and Rights

You will learn
- to know the basic concepts concerning sexuality, gender and their diversity
- about global sexual rights
- to recognize the factors affecting sexual rights in their own environment
- to reflect values and attitudes to sexuality and sexual rights
- to understand what is sexual health and how to promote it
Enrolment by: 29.9.2019

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Online Finnish courses

Finnish is commonly thought to be one of the most difficult languages in the world. This is not the case, though. 

Finnish isn’t necessarily difficult, but it is very different from other languages. The vocabulary and the grammar can be challenging, but on the other hand words are pronounced exactly the way they are written. Finnish grammar also follows logic.

You can also familiarize yourself with Finland without studying the language. You can learn about Finland and Finnish on one of Xamk’s online courses.

Welcome to Finland or as we say: Tervetuloa Suomeen!


Xamk Open University Focus on Finland

Online Language and communication courses

Training calendar

Finnish for Beginners

This course is available for students who have no prior Finnish skills. After the completion of the course, you are able to communicate in Finnish in some basic everyday situations. Enrolment by: 2.9.2019.

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Finnish 3

After this course you are able to express yourself in versatile Finnish in everyday situations both orally and in writing. You are able to follow slow conversation, write short texts and communicate spontaneously in versatile everyday situations. Enrolment by: 8.9.2019.

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Enrolment by: 29.9.2019

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