Future Experience Lab FUEL is an open learning environment and an intelligent co-development space,
which connects the region’s companies and actors to joint development and interaction, to the innovation ecosystem.

FUEL is a product and service development clinic that utilizes service design methods and design thinking.

Future Experience Lab FUEL

At FUEL customer experience, future knowledge, digitality and data are at the center of what we do. New digital technologies support multidisciplinary co-operation and decision-making. At the same time, they provide a fertile platform for innovation.

At FUEL students, developers and entrepreneurs can accelerate their ideas into products, their problems into solutions or their businesses into competitive ones.


FUEL services

  • Sprint development services for companies and organizations
  • Partnership development services for RDI projects and project stakeholders
  • FUEL can also be reserved for training and development work

What is FUEL made of?

FUEL has a transformable teamwork environment, OiOi’s smart wall, an immersive display environment, VR glasses, teamwork tablets, smart rings, space condition sensors, a data lab and streaming capabilities, as well as the ability to adapt the operating environment to small-scale seminars with remote connections.

How FUEL was born

Future Experience Lab FUEL began as a design education development project, the goal of which was to find out the future of work and the necessary tools for future design and development work. FUEL was born as a result of joint development in a multidisciplinary team using service design methods.

Students, teachers, developers and entrepreneurs together defined the direction of FUEL as an intelligent, open and creative space where experientiality guides learning and development.

The project started in the Finnish Design Academy project and has been further developed in a multidisciplinary team after the end of the project.

Steering committee

  • Petteri Ikonen
  • Jomi Fagerstöm
  • Ari Lindeman
  • Ari Utriainen

Contact us

Anu Vainio

RDI Specialist
Kouvola Campus

Ari Utriainen

Head of RDI Unit
Kouvola Campus