Xamk has long experience in international education cooperation.

Its international cooperation network is extensive with partner organisations from tens of different countries.

Xamk offers several ways of incorporating international elements to the studies. A degree or its part can be completed in English, and there are foreign students attending Xamk’s summer term and the studies of degree programmes with instruction in English. Exchange periods or practical training can be carried out in foreign partner schools or organisations either through the Erasmus and Nordplus programmes or bilateral student exchange agreements.

In addition to interesting courses, studies abroad also offer new experiences, friends and promote language skills and self-confidence.

Exchange periods of varying lengths

An exchange period typically lasts from 3 to 12 months. It usually takes place during the second or third academic year. The aim is that the studies completed during this period are recognised as a part of the degree. Therefore, an exchange period doesn’t usually postpone graduation. Students taking an exchange period can apply for a study grant.

Xamk’s international services help both out-going and in-coming exchange students and support Xamk’s departments and units in their international activities. The aim is to improve students’ skills in working in international and multicultural working environments. Student exchange is a part of high quality higher education and promotes students’ professional growth and competence.



Xamk's International Summer School

Summer School is cancelled due to Covid-19!

The International Summer School is arranged at Xamk
from 1 June to 28 August 2020.

Courses are arranged on Kouvola and in Mikkeli campuses.

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Erasmus Charter for higher education

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Erasmus Policy Statement

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International coordinators' contact information


Ms Sari Pieviläinen
sari.pievilainen(at)xamk.fi, 044 702 8236


Ms Anu Pirttimäki
anu.pirttimaki(at)xamk.fi, 044 702 8237

Mr Ulf Jensen-Munk
ulf.jensen-munk(at)xamk.fi, 044 702 8479





Ms Sari Kärkkäinen
sari.karkkainen(at)xamk.fi, 050 312 4988

Ms Kaisa Åkerman
kaisa.akerman(at)xamk.fi, 040 842 0816


Ms Lea Reponen
lea.reponen(at)xamk.fi, 050 312 5072