In Xamk, we offer various opportunities for free time activities. There are special hobby tutors, who help students to find hobbies and organize group activities.


On Mikkeli campus, there are different  groups and premises for sports and culture. The sports and hobbies on our campus are available for Xamk students and staff as well as for students of Aalto University School of Business Mikkeli Campus. For reservations of premises and equipment please contact our staff.

On Mikkeli campus there are

  • 2 different sports halls
  • fitness gym
  • outdoor basketball field
  • table tennis
  • disc golf course
  • band rehearsal room
  • recreational house “Puska”

Sports calendar

In the sports calendar you can see the instructed groups and events of Mikkeli campus. When you click the name of the class in the calendar you can see additional information (address, time). You can also link it to your own Google calendar.
Registration for classes is not needed – just arrive in time. You can try once for free and then purchase the sports sticker.

If there are changes in classes, we will notify you on Facebook site “Xamk Sports Mikkeli”.




Normally students need a sports sticker (subject to a charge) to use Xamk’s sports services.
In autumn 2021, the sports services on Mikkeli campus are free of charge to students, because Xamk wants to promote post-pandemic well-being of students.

To get an access key to the campus gym, please go to Lux intranet (requires login with Xamk username) for more information.




For more information, please click the red buttons on the map.

Next to the door of building E there is a Ballbox with basketballs and table tennis equipment. You can borrow them and use on the campus. Please let the staff know if something gets broken.


The gym on the Mikkeli Campus is located on the first floor of ‘U’ building (the same building where the bowling alley is). Entrance to the gym is at the end of ‘U’ building. The gym is intended for students and staff of Xamk and students of Aalto University (Mikkeli campus).
Gym hours for students:
With the digital key Mon-Sun 6.30-21.00.
NOTE! The gym is reserved only for staff on Thursdays at 16.00-18.00. The gym is not available for students when it is reserved for other use, such as teaching or staff use.




Students are doing sports and other activities at one’s own risk.

Contact information

Essi Kähkönen
Sports coordinator
040 537 4085