As a Xamk student, you  can find all the important information on  intranet service called Lux.  You Lux at (link opens in the new tab). It is the main communication channel for information concerning students. In addition to news and official communication, intranet will also provide you with the guides and templetas you need for your studies, as well as information about student support services.

Login with your  Xamk id, in the long form You will receive these when you begin your studies.

If you have forgotten your password, please visit and change the password with your current password or Finnish bank account and eBanking codes. Always make sure that you are at the correct address when you are changing your password! At the correct address there is a lock image on the address bar and the address begins with “https://”.

If you have forgotten your id, please contact customer service page/helpdesk Xinfo,

Timetables are available at .



More information about LUX intranet

  • Katja Laihanen,