South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences supports its students’ wellbeing in various ways, by providing a variety of services. At Xamk, we make every effort to ensure that you truly feel you belong to our studying community. People working for your wellbeing include university staff, student health care employees, university chaplains from the local parishes, and Student Union Kaakko.

Sense of community among students is promoted through student tutoring and student union activities, and by organising different kinds of parties and events. We also offer a variety of free-time activities in sports, music and art.

Taking part in these activities is an excellent way to get to know students from different fields of study. The activities are arranged free of charge / at an affordable price, and participation is easy, since most groups meet on our own campuses. The selection of activities available varies between the campuses. For more information, see the campus-specific websites (links below).

Tutors – students who have started their studies at Xamk earlier – give peer counselling to new students. They will introduce new students to the university of applied sciences, the city, and the study group.

Accessible studies

Equal studying opportunities and learning environments belong to everyone. You can make progress in your studies as planned even if you have a learning difficulty, illness or disability, a different language or cultural background, or other factors affecting your studies.

Special support can be arranged on the basis of a specialist or medical statement. Our counselling staff will assist you in applying for support and making the associated practical arrangements.

Student Union Kaakko

Student Union Kaakko serves as the link between Xamk and its students, providing personal service and advice as well as a variety of activities, training sessions and events. Participating in the activities of the Student Union is also a great way to make new friends.

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Combining sport with studies

If you are a competing athlete, you can join the Sports Academy which provides you with training possibilities and various benefits supporting your sports career.

The Sports Academy supports, encourages and promotes the career development of competing athletes, including the associated physical and mental growth. By cooperating with educational institutions, the Sports Academy enables doing some of the training during the school day.

Students in Kotka and Kouvola are members of Etelä-Kymenlaakso Sports Academy or Kouvola Sports Academy, while those studying in Mikkeli and Savonlinna are covered by Etelä-Savo Sports Academy . The Academy provides you with training possibilities and various benefits supporting your sports career.


Kotka Campus

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Kouvola Campus

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Mikkeli Campus

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Savonlinna Campus

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