The general theme in Mikkeli Summer Term courses is Wellbeing Management and it will be applied in different ways in each course. All the courses are tuition-free.


Mikkeli Summer Term Schedule:

  • 6.5.2019-24.5.2019 Managing wellbeing by using technology based data
  • 27.5.2019-14.6.2019 International entrepreneurship
  • 15.6.2019-23.6.2019 Week off (opportunity to visit other towns in Finland / neighbouring countries)
  • 24.6.2019-12.7.2019  Managing a digital business
  • 15.7.2019-2.8.2019  Services marketing
  • 5.8.2019-23.8.2019 Content marketing
  • 6.5.-23.8.2019 Finnish business culture (online course)

Mikkeli – A beautiful city on the shore of Lake Saimaa, the biggest lake in Finland!


Managing wellbeing by using technology based data


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International entrepreneurship


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Managing a digital business


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Services marketing


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Content marketing


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Finnish business culture

Online studies

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More information about Mikkeli Campus

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