A person from outside Xamk, e.g. student from another higher education institution, can take an exam on a general examination day at Xamk.

Outsiders use the form below for registering for the exam. There is a fee of 30 euros collected for taking the exam on Xamk campus and the fee is paid electronically upon registration. The registration is binding and the payment is not refunded even if you would cancel your participation in the exam.

The exams are arranged on general exam days at 17.00-20.00.

Registration form

After registration, you will receive a confirmation by email to the address given on the form automatically. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please check that your email has not blocked it as spam. The email will include more information on the exam locations and practices. If needed, contact the exam coordinator on the campus where you are taking the exam.

Note. Xamk students register for exam through a form available on Student intranet (free of charge).

Timetable for exams 2019-2020

Exam days, autumn 2019

​​​26.8.2019 ​​​​​16.8.2019
​9.9.2019 ​30.8.2019
​23.9.2019 ​13.9.2019
​7.10.2019 ​​27.9.2019
​18.11.2019 ​8.11.2019
​2.12.2019 ​22.11.2019
​​16.12.2019 ​6.12.2019​


Exam days, spring 2018

20.1.2020 ​10.1.2020
​3.2.2020 ​24.1.2020
​17.2.2020 ​7.2.2020
​23.3.2020 13.3.2020
​6.4.2020 27.3.2020​
​4.5.2020 ​24.4.2020
​18.5.2020 ​8.5.2020
​1.6.2020​ ​22.5.2020


Exam locations and contact persons on campuses

Kotka campus

Address: Pääskysentie 1, Kotka
Contact: Päivi Martin, paivi.martin(a)xamk.fi, tel. 044 702 8442

Kouvola campus

Paraatikenttä 7, Kouvola
Contact: Saija Niskapohja, saija.niskapohja(a)xamk.fi, tel. 044 702 8256

Mikkeli campus

Patteristonkatu 3, Mikkeli
Contact: Kirsi Puumalainen, kirsi.puumalainen(a)xamk.fi, tel. 040 772 3353

Savonlinna campus

Savonniemenkatu 6, Savonlinna
Contact: Lea Reponen, lea.reponen(a)xamk.fi, tel. 050 312 5072


What is the Exam?

Exam is a system that allow students to take an exam or maturity test independently in the Exam room, which teacher has made available in the Exam-system. Every campus has its own Exam room and students are free to choose the time and place of their exam within the framework made available by the teacher and the campus opening hours. Exam room computers can access only to the Exam system and the rooms are equipped with recording video and audio surveillance. It is not possible to use for example memory stick or cd-rom.

Exam is available for Xamk students only. Exam visit for students outside Xamk is not available at the moment.

Exam rooms opening hours

The exam rooms are mainly available during the opening hours of the Campuses. Also, holidays has been added to the Exam system, but when you are registering for an exam, pay particular attention to exceptional opening hours.

Exam-room locations

Kouvola Campus

  • Paraatikenttä 7, 45100 Kouvola
    Campus info tel. +358 44 802 8899
    Location: Exam room 248A

Kotka Campus

  • Pääskysentie 1, 48220 Kotka
    Campus info rel. +358 44 7028414
    Location: Exam room A4035

Mikkeli Campus

  • Patteristonkatu 3, 50100 Mikkeli
    campus info tek. +358 040 647 4456
    Location: E303

Savonlinna Campus

  • Savonniemenkatu 6, 57100 Savonlinna
    campus info tel. +358 40 594 3961
    Location: SA427
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