Empowering youth!

This page presents the successful youth work practices used to empower young people in Europe:

  • web-course about the successful youth work practices especially for youth work students
  • an e-teaching manual about the good empowering youth work practices to be used as a part of the web-course
  • a continuing education e-training programme for professional youth workers based on the web-course and the manual
  • open access manual and web-course for wider interested stakeholders in youth issues in Europe

The material on this page has been evaluated and developed by cross-national and multidisciplinary co-operation between Science Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences, HEI students as well as youth workers from different organizations.


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About us

Empowering Youth – Successful youth work practises in Europe (EMPYRE)

The project is executed in September, 1st, 2019 – August, 31st, 2022.

The project is funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action, Strategic Partnerships and Finnish National Board of Education.

Lead partner of the project is Juvenia – Youth Research and Development Centre in South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences.

Partners: University of Lodz, Centrum Zajec Pozaszkolnych Nr 1 w Lodzi, University of Bangor, Gisda cyf, Applied University of Upper Austria Linz, Kunnallisen nuorisotyön osaamiskeskus Kanuuna.