Futures Lab Logistics

Futures Lab Logistics is a series of workshops that aims to identify possible future changes and assess their potential impact on the logistics industry.

Tero Villman, RDI specialist from the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences will lead the workshops and instruct the student groups in drafting out the future of logistics and changes affecting the industry. The event is a part of the international Race4Scale project and as per the nature of the project, the workshops have cross-border collaboration between the Kymi Valley and the Saint Petersburg region.


For everyone

speakers | 30.3. at 12:00 (UTC+3)

Heikki Liimatainen

Professor, Transport and logistics
Faculty of Built Environment

Civil Engineering
Tampere University

Professor Heikki Liimatainen, D.Sc., has been managing Tampere University’s Transport Research Center Verne since 2016. Liimatainen is Finland’s leading expert in the field of transport energy and climate policy. He has extensive experience in leading research projects and publishing results of scientific quality. He has also been awarded the Public Transport Person of the Year and the University Journalist Recognition Award for Active and Effective Communication.


Ulla Tapaninen

Tenured Associate Professor Maritime Transport
Estonian Maritime Academy

Adjunct Professor PhD, has 30 years’ experience in logistics and maritime transport research and development work. She has worked in two Finnish shipping companies, Finnlines and ESL Shipping, in three universities Aalto, University of Turku and now in Tallinn University of Technology, focusing on sustainable shipping. In addition, she has worked for City of Helsinki in maritime and cross-border transport development projects. She has written several books on logistics and maritime transport, you can also follow her in https://ullatapaninen.net/.


Heikki Lahtinen

Acting Executive Director, LIMOWA Logistics Cluster
CEO, Ixtriim Oy

The LIMOWA Logistics Cluster is a Finnish network association to develop and support intelligent logistics solutions and boost the competitiveness of Finnish companies. LIMOWA works close to its member organizations supporting their business and export activities. The network has logistics professionals from various sectors. Their common desire is to see logistics as competitive advantage and they have the will to develop Finnish logistics even better. LIMOWA is nationwide, open and impartial.


The futures fair | 27.4. at 12:00 to 14:30 (UTC+3)

Anyone is welcome to join the audience and see the results of the workshop groups at the Futures Fair on the 27th of April, 2022 at 12:00 to 14:30. Student groups will present the results of their work to the audience with the chance for open discussion and questions.


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More information

Tero Villman, Workshop Manager


Project Researcher
Finland Futures Research Center
Turku School of Economics
University of Turku

Tero Villman works as a futures researcher at the Finland Futures Research Center in the University of Turku and as an RDI specialist at the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. His work includes foresight and futures research projects, teaching futures studies, and developing foresight tools and services. The themes of his projects have varied from mobility, industry and manufacturing, scientific research and education to visioning and societal transformation.

Previously, he worked in the IT sector for over a decade leading, facilitating and implementing different kinds of development and change initiatives for various industries. Tero Villman has a Master of Social Sciences degree in Futures Studies from the University of Turku and a Master of Science (Economics) degree in Information Systems Science from the University of Jyväskylä.


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For students

why participate?

The aim of the course is to learn about foresight and changes affecting the logistics industry in a practical manner through workshops. You will gain awareness of factors affecting change in the logistics industry and the importance of foresight in general. You will be able to identify possible future changes and assess their potential impact.

During the course, you will explore the futures of a specified topic in the field of logistics in groups. The course is organized as a series of virtual workshops. The course concludes with a virtual Futures Fair where the group works are presented and discussed.

Course completion requires participation in teaching and workshops as well as an approved group work presentation. The course language is English.



Topic 1: Logistics automation and remote operations

Topic 2: Carbon neutrality

Topic 3: Transparent and resilient supply chains

Topic 4: Digitalization of logistics

Topic 5: Changing customer behavior 



All events will be held online and in English.

Please note that all times are displayed at current time in Finland, Eastern European Time (UTC+2) and after March 27th all times will be displayed in Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+3).


16.3.2022 at 12:00–15:00
  • Introduction to the course 
  • Introduction to Futures Thinking 
  • Formation of groups based on the listed topics 
  • Group discussions 
  • Group task to research the current situation regarding their topic and focus on different types of sources 
Workshop I
30.3.2022 at 12:00–16:00
  • Speaker presentations related to the selected group work topics with time for Q&A 
  • Groupwork

12:00 Welcome

12:10 Professor Heikki Liimatainen

12:55 Ulla Tapaninen, Associate Professor Maritime Transport, Adjunct Professor PhD

13:40 Heikki Lahtinen, CEO, Acting Executive Director

14:35 Student groupwork

Support session
6.4.2022 at 14:00-16:00
  • Open session for the student participants to join and discuss any matter related to the course
Workshop II
13.4.2022 at 12:00–16:00 
  • Groupwork
  • Preparing the presentations
Support session
20.4.2022 at 1
  • Open session for the student participants to join and discuss any matter related to the group work and presentations
Futures Fair
27.4.2022 at 12:00–14:30
  • Groups will present the results of their work
  • After each presentation, first a named group will comment it, and then all participants will have a chance to provide their comments and ask questions.
  • After all presentations, we will discuss the overall topics and perspectives and share lessons learned

12:00 Welcome

12:10 Digitalization of logistics

12:45 Transparent and resilient supply chains

13:15 Break

13:30 Reflections

14:15 Closing


More information

Tero Villman

About Race4Scale in English

About Race4Scale in Finnish

About Race4Scale in Russian


Race4Scale is co-funded by the European Union. Event participant names will be stored only for project reporting.