Games & Life: Games As an Art Form

Free public lecture for everyone interested in games and the art of games! Game designer and author Juho Kuorikoski and director and experience designer Eero Tiainen will talk about games as an art form and the possibilities of virtual reality. The lecture is held in Finnish at Kouvolatalo’s Honkasali on 11th of May beginning at 17:30. The lecture will also be streamed on and there will be a subtitled version of the lecture on the website after the event.


On Juho Kuorikoski’s lecture games are discussed as a distinct form of art which has it’s own characteristics. Games are interactive pieces of art, which create meaning together with the players. Games also borrow from other forms of art, such as literature, film, painting, sculpting, architecture and theatre.


Virtual reality technology – as well as art – can be seen as an extension of human consciousness and perceptions of reality. What are the new kind of art experiences in extended realities? What is possible through playfulness and immersion – what has not been possible in prior art and media forms? VR director Eero Tiainen’s lecture explores the unique characteristics of gameful VR experiences with few case studies and the  design principles of artistic VR experiences.