Lux Like Kouvola

The Lux Like Kouvola light art festival will light up dark Autumn evenings again this year, on November 2-5. The festival is the only light art festival which focuses on playable and interactive light art.

The call for artists and artworks for this year’s festival is currently open! All light artists, game designers and media artists, as well as students from the fields, are welcomed to propose artworks for the event. The call ends on 15th of March, 2023. Check the event’s own website for further information about the open call:

The Lux Like Kouvola light art festival is organized by the cultural services of the city of Kouvola, the Poikilo museums, the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland as part of the two-year Capital of Game Art event. Read more about the Capital of Game Art