Road to *ship Accelerator

Road to *ship is aN acceleRator

FOR early-stage startups and individuals

at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.

The accelerator works as a stepping stone for *ship Startup Festival,
but you can also participate only in the accelerator itself.
The program is perfect if you have an IDEA and the motivation to build a business around it!


Starting on the 21st of June, the 3-week online accelerator will give you a chance to participate in workshops with a weekly theme and 1on1 -mentoring in order to further develop your idea.

Each workshop lasts about an hour, after which the rest of the week is 1on1 -mentoring for each business idea. In addition to mentoring, you get to chat freely with other participants about your idea, the development or even use them as a test audience for your pitch! Networking with like-minded individuals from start to finish.



After you have attended Road to *ship, you will have a Business Model Canvas** for your own business idea, and a clear picture of what you should do next in order to reach your business goals.
You have also become a part of the *ship -community – a network where you will be connected with even more entrepreneurs such as yourself, and the talented *ship mentors!


Road to *ship weekly themes:


Idea Validation & Business models
Business model proposition
Idea proposition canvas

Basics of marketing
Understanding customer segments

Funding & Pitching
Possible funding sources for the future (How to)
Pitch deck assembly


** The accelerator entitles all Xamk participants to 3 credits when you follow the schedule and fill out the Business Model Canvas during the weeks.







Laura Häkkinen
Project manager
+358 50 468 8082

Henrik Dombovari
Project worker